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Boah pushed past the tall man. “Ship’s full.”

He placed a strong hand on Boah’s shoulder and squeezed. “Name your price.”

Boah turned and put a hand on his hip, making sure the man could see the belaying pin he wore in his belt. “Captain won’t take any more passengers. Come back in six weeks.”

The man’s eyes narrowed. “No. Name your price.”

Boah considered him. He was clean and well-dressed. He wore a ruby ring on his right index finger.

“I’ll take that ring.”

The man looked down at his hand, and regarded it. “This is family jewelry…”

“Take it or leave it.”

The man sighed and put his hands tightly together, as if praying. When they parted, he held the ring in his left palm. Boah snatched it and dropped it into his pocket.

“Follow me.”

At the waiting area, he told a guard, “Get rid of someone, and put him on the list in his place.”

He turned to the man. “See you on board.”

The tall man nodded solemnly as Boah walked away. Soon, he would have his ring back, and that was just the beginning.

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  1. Avatar wilw

    I’ve never written a sequel to my own story before, and I’ve always felt that people who do are kind of cheating, but I thought it would be interesting to provide two different places to branch off from desperate passage, and I had this idea in my head about who the tall pale man was and I wanted to see how it turned out.

    I didn’t think of Boah as the kind of guy who would take a bribe like this when I started, but it’s who he wanted to be, and it took the story in a different direction than I intended when I began. I’m interested to see what happens on the passage, should other writers want to explore that.

  2. Avatar Melia

    You always were good at leaving excellent jumping off points for us :)

  3. Avatar g²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    Intriguing last lines, there. Like it much, I do.

  4. Avatar Treebeard's Ghost

    Glad to see ya here, Wil! I like this story so much I sequeled it!

  5. Avatar wordwill

    Great pace and a great setup. I got a little confused tracking the man, but I haven’t slept.

  6. Avatar Valerie

    Well done. :)

  7. Avatar Construct of a Mind

    Hawesome, as usual!

  8. Avatar nachtwolfe

    this just screams Lovecraft to me – love it

  9. Avatar ernmander

    I like the style to this very much. Makes me think of Elizabethen England

  10. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Love the ominous ending there. Looks exciting. I like how all these pieces are slipping into place to make for some disasters later.

  11. Avatar Stovohobo

    Very nice follow-up. And I like the characterization of both Boah and the man.

    And if you don’t like people sequeling their own stories, then you must’ve really not liked me back at Ficlets. [rolls eyes and whistles innocently]

    Also I dislike people who put actions in brackets, so I’m being a little hypocritical, but I figured it was necessary to dispel any animosity. [puts another action in more brackets for effect]

  12. Avatar AccidentalRob|LoA|

    Certainly leaves itself open for a world of possibilities (as I have taken advantage of).

  13. Avatar Reverend Speed

    “No. Name your price.”

    Totally worth the two extra characters. Great plot development and characterization.

  14. Avatar Yunalasca

    wow. i like this story alot. it leaves a great sense of intrigue, and is a great place for someone else to take up from
    though i dont think im at that level just yet, i may take you up on a sequel in the future ;)

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