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The worst part is the silence.
it’s glaring
it scrapes the hair on my arm up
Silence is why they thought I was sick
I guess it was my choice of pen
I used the red and the blue
we were taking an addition test
and it got so quiet I could hear the hairs on my arm scrape up
I had my blue pen in my hand
and when I pressed the cool tip to my scalp
I could hear water
and I traced rivers
running like veins
running like rivers
and eyes were upon me
glaring silence
imposing that empty noise over my babbling brooks
fighting back
I uncapped the red
red, red, red
and I guess that was the problem
the arteries and veins
I finished the test
Two days later there was a lice check
and the nurse traced my rivers and blood-soaked warground
and when they took me to the hospital
they scrubbed my head, my earth
my Eden
and when they were done raping my garden of sound
they left
and it was silent.

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