Another One Bites The Dust

Avatar Author: JavaWarlord After the great ficlet apocalypse, I (like many other survivors) went underground, waiting for the day when we would rise up and take back that which taken from us. During these dark times, I was known only by my evil co... Read Bio

Steve walked warily down the street. He knew he was a fool for being in this part of town alone. He pulled the brim of his hat down low.

He thought of the conversation with Ana earlier.

“This is too dangerous. We can’t see each other anymore.” he said quietly.

“How do you think I’m going to get along without you when you’re gone?” she glared.

“Nobody leaves me!” she yelled and stormed out.

He never should have gotten involved with her, the sister of a high-ranking member of a rival mob.

I need to get home. He quickened his pace.

It was oddly quiet here tonight—no sound at all except the sound of his feet hitting the wet sidewalk.

Then, a new sound. The unmistakable sound of a pistol being cocked.

Steve stopped and tried to make out the shape in the dark alcove of the building. Suddenly, out of the doorway the bullets ripped, knocking him back.

As he fell, time slowed. It almost seemed each explosion from the pistol was perfectly timed to the sound of the beat… of a heart.

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  1. Avatar Treebeard's Ghost

    A very well crafted piece of prose.

  2. Avatar inZanadee

    its…amazing.. me and my mothe rboth share this acount, but, we have differtn vewis, she’d say this is…well amazing to..

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