A Cat Named Schrodinger

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“I named the cat ‘Schrodinger’.”


“I named the cat ‘Schrodinger’.”

“You named the cat ‘Schrodinger’?”


“It’s a bit recursive, don’t you think?”


“I suppose the cat could be in some kind of super-state.”

“Where it owns itself? Yes, that was my intent.”

“And you don’t find that … odd?”

“Odd as in interesting, yes. Odd as in strange, well then maybe that too. But odd as in unnatural or an affront then no, I do not.”


“Maybe unprecedented would be a better descriptor.”

“How do they describe the tree that owns itself? You know, the one in Athens, Georgia.”

“Scion, I suppose.”

“Hmm.” He though for another moment or two.

Blink, blink, blink

“Too bad there’s not an AKC for cats, or I’d have called him Schrodinger’s Scion.”

“Scion as in offspring or scion as in offshoot. There’s a difference, you know.”

“I think I like them both equally well.”


Blink, blink

“Hrrmm,” he chuckled to himself, then said: “I think scion is another superstate as well.”


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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    is it just me or do you picture Lenard and Sheldon from TBBT saying this?
    Cats are funny like that, though, owning themselves.

  2. Avatar Seth Miller

    Thanks for the comment. While I’m a TBBT viewer, I hadn’t actually thought about Leonard or Sheldon as the protagonists.

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