Is It All Fun and Games?

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“Duck, duck, GOOSE!” Jesse screamed with delight as he ran as fast as he could around the circle. Tabitha could not get up fast enough to catch him. No one ever could but it was a fun game for the kids anyway.
Mrs. McQuaters stared blankly out the window as the kids played. Her classroom had become her only escape and lately her depression had followed her even there. She tried so hard to shake off the negative and move towards the positive. The grief counselors had told her she had to go through all the stages. Which one was this one?
She felt the tug at her skirt and snapped out of her thoughts only to hear the crying of a child.
“Mrs. McQuartes! Tabitha needs you!” one of the kids demanded.
“What is it Tabitha?”
Tabitha looked around the room as she tried to stiffle her sobs. The kids were all silent and waited to hear. Instead, she pulled Mrs. McQuarters down to her so she could whisper in her ear. “I peed in my panties! Don’t tell!”
Mrs. McQuartes laughed for the first time in a week.

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