The standing man's curiosity and the bullet

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I took another step.
“I’m not going to touch you.” I worked at keeping my voice calm.
There was only four to five feet separating us now. I could hear every breath he took. Each one sounded like a low growl deep in his chest. His eyes peaked with curiosity as I took the next three steps to reach the girl.
I glanced at him once more before turning my back on him to check her pulse. The act did not frighten me and I found that odd.
My fingers found the vein along her neck that would give me the strongest pulse if in fact she did still have one. Sure enough there was a faith thumping behind her skin. I sighed before I stood to face the standing man.
I should have turned to run back into the club, but my feet were locked into place. His eyes held mine as they bore into me, questioning.
Before I could gather the courage to ask him what made him so curious, his expression changed.
I saw his face twist in horror.
A gunshot rang through the silence.
And I turned to see a bullet racing toward my face.

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  1. Avatar Textual Phoenix

    Oh, must read more!

  2. Avatar Guin

    sequel to come shortly!

  3. Avatar Textual Phoenix


  4. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    who is this guy? the one with the eyes??

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