Silent Treatment

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Fine, go ahead and think that Kayla. I’m done.

All I could think about after that conversation was how much things can change from one year to the next. Kayla wasn’t the same friend I had back in second grade. No, she was far from it, and I knew that if she was doing drugs, we weren’t going to get along.

That was just the start.

I was really ready to just give up on Kayla and move on with my life, I mean, I’d be better off without her anyway… right? All she ever did was bring me down, and distract me. She didn’t seem to mind our mutual silent treatment either. She was happy as ever… and so was Luke.

So all was well. Until last night that is. Last night is what changed everything.

Kayla and I hadn’t talked in a week. So you can imagine my surprise when her name popped up on my caller id. Curious, I answered.

“Kayla?” I asked.
“Beeks… I. I.. I’m so sorry.” She was sobbing.
“It’s okay… but what’s wrong?” I was really worried.
“Beeks. I’m pregnant.”

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  1. Avatar blusparrow (LoA)

    OOOOOOOOOO. hahaha!!! thats just halirious. I probably shouldnt be laughing but I am.

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