I'll Take That Bet

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About an hour later we boarded the busses. It was percussion and tubas on the last bus. I sat by my best friend Matt (a tuba player) and Kylie.

“How excited are you that we are no longer freshmen?” Matt asked.

“Extremely. Finally we won’t eat last!” I said.

Kylie laughed at this. “Yeah second to last is so much better.” She mocked us.

I smiled one of those smiles only Kylie could make me smile. She is honestly the coolest person I know; she seems like an older sister, but closer. That’s how I would explain it if someone ever asked me why I was so attached. You meet certain people in your life that change you, Kylie is one of them.

“When are you guys just going to date anyways?” Kylie asked interrupting my thoughts.

Matt was turned back around and I rolled my eyes at her.

“You know he’s nothing more than a friend.” I told her.

We have a bet, Kylie thinks Matt and I will be dating by next year. I say never. Considering I control one half of this potential couple, I like my chances.

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  1. Avatar StayGold

    Aww, I hope Kylie wins =D
    and I like the “you meet certain people in your life….” line!

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