Ginger: Stones and Scribbles

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It’s impossible to judge distances in a tunnel that long, that dark, and that wet. I’d later discover the distance I traveled was a bit further than a mile, but at the time it felt infinitely longer. I began to wonder if I’d make it out alive.

The tunnel made a sudden right turn when it intersected a wall of solid stone. The wet rock glistened in the glow of my lightorb. What was such a thing doing this far underground? These rocks had been laid by human hands. The tunnel continued to run parallel to the wall, disappearing far off into the blackness.

I stopped for a moment to rest and determine where I might be. Bag Man’s hole was nearer to the border than anything else I knew… I must have traveled into Mapless territory. No one from the outside knew what lay in the pirate lands; as the name implied, no map had ever been drawn.

I was about to move on when one of the stones in the wall caught my eye. A single word had been scratched into it, in the unmistakable handwriting of Bag Man.

“PUSH,” it said.

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  1. Avatar thebetweenspace

    I love the world you’ve create here. Dark and mysterious.

  2. Avatar Stovohobo

    You have a very readable style. Like betweenspace said, you leave words in your sentences that hint at a bigger world with its own people and cultures. It makes the story much more real-feeling.

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    now it sounds like a sewer..

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