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Blogger was receiving too many requests for accounts, and so one fine day it decides to add a hurdle before the account is created. It decided it will converse with the applicant and decide if he deserves to own the esteemed blogger account.

Blogger : Hey, there applicant. How you been?
Applicant : Miserable without a blogger account. No one seems to know me.
Blogger : So you think your blogger account will get people to recognize you?
Applicant : Yes, I’ll be famous!I’ll be a superstar!
Blogger : Err, you fail to gauge the situation correctly. Do you know that the content needs to be good before people actually start following your blog?
Applicant : Ohh, that’s easy. I have a huge following.
Blogger : (yeah, right. How confused can someone be. He says he’s not known, but he has a fan following.)Great! So, what will be the content on your blog?
Applicant : (Does there have to be something..ohh no) Yeah sure there will be something interesting just like my happening life. It will have ups and downs and ….

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    so glad blogger didn’t interview me..

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