Inside the belly

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It had been a long time since Jonas had been on The Inscrutable, but he remembered her well. And that bastard, Leer. It had taken Jonas years, YEARS, to learn to walk again after what Leer had pulled on their last ‘adventure’ together.
“Calm yourself, Jonas,” he said, under his breath. Lined up along the thick walls of the ship where fifty or so passengers. That would make getting away fairly easy. People were practically standing on one another. And since Boah had taken the bait…
Jonas began to grin slightly, his hands wringing together. Some habits never die.

Sometime later, Jonas awakened from a light sleep. Some around him were sleeping as well, but most were awake, looking rather frightened.
“Gunfire wake you, sai?” asked the young lady to Jonas’ left.
“Nay, ma’am. The wonderful dream of what lies ahead of us,” he replied with a grin. Then, his vision turned a crimson red. He could hear rumbling thunder, and there was a searing slash of light blinding his vision. “Finally.” His grin widened.

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  1. Avatar Construct of a Mind

    I read the sequels to ‘name your price’ and I thought, a fork of the same story line from a different perspective would be fun. So, I did. :)

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Not sure about the switch to present tense, but I like the parallel to Boah wearing the ring meaning something for the pale man, now named Jonas. It certainly does a nice job of explaining his confidence in getting it back.

  3. Avatar Construct of a Mind

    THX0477, I see what you mean about the shift from past-tense to present-tense. It was rather jarring, so I corrected it. Thanks!

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