A Two For One Switch?

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Ever take a nap and then wake up more tired than you were before? That’s what I’m feeling right now. I went to sleep thinking about Jo. How funny she is, her laugh, her smile. She always makes me happy, except for when I place my hand on her belly and feel the kick of that little one swimming inside of her. No, her being pregnant doesn’t make me bitter. What makes me bitter is feeling so happy to be close to the baby, only to remember five seconds later that the baby isn’t mine. It’s her husband’s baby. My insides are tying themselves into knots at the thought of it all, and I lay my hands on my stomach.

What the fuck?!

I get up as fast as I can, which isn’t very quickly at all, considering my situation. I stand in front of the mirror, my head reeling. I’m not faced with my own handsome self, but with her. Her body is inviting, beautiful. Chestnut locks falling over deep blue eyes and pink skin. I want her, I want her and the child to be mine. It takes me a bit to realize that I’ll get just that. And more.

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  1. Avatar Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    there sure have been alot of body snatching stories lately……someone should make it a challenge…..this is a good one. five pencils

  2. Avatar Katie

    Thanks for the pencils. :3
    I’ve never written anything like this before.

  3. Avatar Kendall Lynne

    Silly MJY!!! This was part of a challenge! Unless you were joking. Then I feel pretty stupid.

    But that was awsome! I was kinda confused as to whos voice you were using at first, but I caught on pretty quick. i loved yor story.

    Thanks for entering. <3

  4. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    whoa this took me for a ride! nicely done, for never having done this before, but that’s what ficly is all about, especially the challenges :)

  5. Avatar Katie

    Thanks for all the comments! This was really fun to write. :3

  6. Avatar Radical Yellow Duck

    good story, well told.


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