Locked Away Part.2

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I had unlocked the basement door, a lingering smell of shit and piss. I wish she would just hold it in; for once no one wants to take care of her shit. She sat in the corner, crying into her sleeves.

I had placed a tray of bread and water; she came crawling away from the corner to eat the meal I had prepared for her.

She had the most beautiful blue eyes, with a sparkling red hair. I was a foolish young boy to fall in love with her, maybe even crazy. “Sigh” That’s for another discussion.


Martin looked down upon her, and then waved his hands in a waving-away gesture.
Disgusted that the bitch would plead, Martin was not going to give her none.

Martin left Mary in the basement, as he left for work.
No one to hear Mary cry for mercy, hoping it will end soon.

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  1. Avatar Marli

    So this is where the dudes attitude went. Bit of a leap though. Could have dragged it out a bit more

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Locked Away Part.1 by Francis James

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