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Joe Colinham 61, was getting a cup of coffee. Second one of the morning. The cart outside Lever House wasn’t too clean but the coffee didn’t burn and the schmear was fresh. He crumpled change and headed one block back to the museum to take the call.

In 2006 Port Authority released documents showing it’s history involved with O.N.I.
Joe had been transit historian since 1994 and never believed the stories about Montauk.

In 2007, 92nd St. was off limits for 9 months. Residents were moved to accommodations on Govenors Island. The mayor announced “Projectℵ92”. A spatial rift starting at 92nd St. and Lexington that would add ten blocks to the Upper West Side. Ten blocks of an analogous Manhattan devoid of people.

An uptown 6 was lost. Disappeared between 86th and 96th at the fold. There was no reason they needed him there. He was a tour guide.

He squinted hard. The voice on the phone said they had found “someone” at -13:before fold.

Joe hung up.

The “someone” asked for him by name.

The “someone” was him.

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  1. Avatar DoItForScience

    I feel stupid. I didn’t get it the first time through. I think I’m working too hard. Once you understand this, it’s a decent setup to a potentially interesting story.

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Bizarre, and it is a bit hard to follow, but I think that’s an acceptable cost to your blasse way of talking about the situation which I felt reflected your character’s attitude. Really neat story idea.

  3. Avatar Transceiver Frequency

    I’m actually not too proud of this one.

    The dream that inspired it was much more interesting.

    I hate the ending. I hate cliche garbage and I know I phoned it in at the end but it’s hard to stuff things into 1024 that need more space.

  4. Avatar Abstract

    I didn’t get cliché from it. I actually rather liked it. I would like to see more of this.

    (For some reason, a movie I’ve never seen Synecdoche, New York comes to mind.)

  5. Avatar Transceiver Frequency

    @AR: Thanks. Synecdoche, NY is fairly brilliant. Alot of philosophy layered over psychology there.

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