My Life Story: part 3

Avatar Author: Raynbow_Sunshine/Ramy Raynbow_Sunshine here! I'm so glad to be able to write again. Well I have to transfer all my stories still but I will get to that asap. BTW- I partially changed my name from on Ficlets -Ramy. I'll write more when I thin... Read Bio

So Dad had another baby, Jenna. Then we had some issues. Since my parents are divorced they always have arguments. Normal, I know. When I start getting involved, it gets ugly.
So I somehow managed to get caught in one of their weekly fights. This time I actually argeed with my mom though. My father had never really taken care of me when I needed it. If anything, I took care of him.
We had this big fight and to make it simple, I haven’t seen him since.
Now you know most of the important facts, so lets get back on topic.

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