Dystopian : Pt 5

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We wandered the shell of a city that was full of life about a half hour ago. We found our way back to our living centre and went upstairs to our house. We broke down the door and entered what used to be our home. In the main room we found Tres lifeless and cold. His circuitry exposed and burnt and fused from the heat of the explosion.

“Go see if you can salvage some more comfortable clothes to wear.” my mother told me.
“Ok.” I said nervously.

I walked upstairs and to my horror I found my companion bot Miu dead on the floor of my room. He had been my companion bot since I was born and I had such an emotional connection to him. I kneeled down next to him and touched his cold metallic face. His wiring sparked as I repelled in horror.

“Come.” my mother said walking over to my closet.
“These clothes are still good.” she said handing me them.

I quickly changed, and we walked around the house getting anything we might need for the days ahead.

“Let’s spend the night.” My mother said.
The sun disappeared.

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