Meeting Acrylic

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I exited the subway at 56th street, still mulling over Acrylic’s message. One thing was for certain, I needed an ally and this one seemed to have what it took.

I walked to 58th and Elm, where tucked in an abandoned basement room I had stored a few essentials. This was once owned by a freelance photographer who died blackmailing MegaCorp. The photos were destroyed, the apartment ransacked, but the unlocked, filthy place was the best for stashing things in plain sight. I grabbed a lightweight Epson MagTrue. Close range, but I couldn’t hide anything bigger while on foot.

The alley off 60th was clean and smelled of soap. Acrylic’s bald head stood out, even without the glare of the neon, casting a porcupine shadow.
“Evening.” I chose a friendly sounding greeting.
A volley of rapid fire blasted over our heads as we rolled behind a vacuum dumpster reeking of teriyaki.
“I told you to bring a gun!”
“I did!” I whipped out my Epson.
“That?! They have laser.. oh nevermind!”
Acrylic whipped out a Blaze rifle.

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  1. Avatar Oy

    Huh, interesting… One thing though, can’t Acrylic just do something with his link? …Waitasec, I’ll sequel…

  2. Avatar Abstract

    @ElishaHawk: Another grand installment. This really is a genre over which you have attained mastery.

    @Oy: Not necessarily. If the gun is being utilized by an autonomous mind, then he would have no control over it. If the mind were linked in with the system, however, then he would have varying degrees of control, I think, depending on the type and extent of the neural implants.

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    thank you! I’m blushing..
    you have thought this much farther through, Abstract, I can tell from your comment to Oy…

  4. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Very exciting stuff, all told in a reserved, dead-pan sort of voice that fits perfectly, especially in throwing around the technical/future stuff.

  5. Avatar BARomero

    From printers to firearms? Love it! I don’t usually like to pick up a series after it’s been going on a while, but this is well worth back tracking a couple of years to find the beginning. Okay. Reading some more…

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