The Good For Nothing Detective: The Case Of The Streaker

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“Detective Jones, I must say your office has that smell of alcohol.”
“I thought I would try a new scent of cologne, do you like?”
“Oh Detective you know what woman truly loves, a man so strong and so bright smelling like a cheap bar on a late night.”
“I was going for more of a rustic smell there.”
“It’s rustic alright.”
“Is there anything I could help you with.”
“Yes I guess there is; yesterday your partner reported that you would have nothing to do with a woman screaming outside.”
“It was disturbing me in my game of crossword; I need to have a daily hour in my life to do my crossword.”
“I feel as though you haven’t seen the news yet.
“Was I meant to watch the news last night?”
“I was hoping you would, that person screaming screamed because of a streaker.”
“Oh that is terrible, but that has nothing to do with my job in crosswords.”
“Your partner may be right on the part you have no desire in your work anymore.”
The two detectives stared at one another, waiting for the next words to be spoken.

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  1. Avatar J. Rein B.

    they sound like robots.

    Ooh, robot detectives!

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The Good For Nothing Detective by Francis James