The Doppelganger Effect

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It is the year 2035. The sun is blotted geometrically from the high-intensity solar stations placed directly on the surface. It would be easy to be in high spirits if all of Cydonia wasn’t covered in shadow 80% of the day.

My name is Don. Donatello Spint. I’m a Neo-Cortex Bio-Engineer. But that’s a lot to put on your card. I’m mostly just called a revitalist; Fancy name, I know. It’s better than the other one. ‘Mindflayer’.

Y’see, without me doing my job, there probably wouldn’t be anyone alive to read my excerpts on this log. My job gives You effective immortality. I’m the guy your momma brought you to when you were just two years old for your first check-up. In My checkups, I take a copy of your brain. If you die, I’m the one that pops you back to life in a new body.

Of course, my predicament is a fairly strange one. I registered dead last week. This is my backup. The problem is… I never died. As I type this entry, I am being hunted by my original. I hope to live long enough to write another.

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  1. Avatar Matt McCray

    Very cool! I hope he lives long enough to write another log entry too. This is begging for one (or more) sequels!

  2. Avatar Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    This was some series imagination i dont see how you were able to stop after this. I bet you are writing the sequel right now huh awesome story and welcome to ficly.

  3. Avatar Abstract

    M@ McCray’s and Mighty-Joe Young’s comments reflect my sentiments as well. Welcome to Ficly!

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