The End is The Beginning

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There were two people in line ahead of me. I wished there were a thousand.

With a whoosh they were vaporized and the teleportation operator waved me forward.

“Don’t worry, they were delivered safe and sound. And you will be too.” She said, seeing my apprehension. I took a deep breath and stepped onto the platform.

“Beam me up!” I said. She just rolled her eyes and pushed the button.

The world around me exploded. I was everywhere. I was nowhere. I was in the transmission center. I was in the receiving center. I squeezed my eyes shut, my head spinning.

After taking a few breathes I slowly opened my eyes. Something was wrong. I was seeing double. Only, not double in the usual way.

“We have him.” I heard the receiving operator say. His voice echoed oddly.

“Oh shit! We have a negative derez!” The transmission operator said. Her voice was echoing too.

That’s when I realized I was seeing both the transmission and receiving areas. I was actually at both places, simultaneously.

There were two of me.

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  1. Avatar Lighty


    I like the idea this is not too far in the future. Far enough for this to be everyday travel enough, close enough for popular culture to have not caught up. The mix is nicely done.

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