D is for Decision

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Zed paused at the gate, gathering strength, and courage. The woman’s screams had become muffled. But he could still hear them. So either they aren’t chowing down yet, or they’re saving the best for last.

He peered around the gate into the work zone, it was the size of a whole city block. The beginnings of a high-rise office building and parking garage were contained within the fenced perimeter. The construction was still in it’s early stages, iron girders towering upward and outward like a giant metal rib cage.

There were only a few corpses wandering about. They seem to be stragglers, making their way towards the building, moving slowly because they were so decomposed. Bits of grave wax flecking off of them as they shuffled along. Ugh. Note to self. Cremation is so the way to go.

Zed stood there, looking at the building’s entrance. That must be where they took her.

He took a deep breath.

Well, this is my last chance to back out. He thought.

Another scream sounded in the distance.

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  1. Avatar Matt McCray

    OK, I admit this “LETTER is for WORD STARTING WITH LETTER” title format is running a bit thin… But it’s tradition now! :-)

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Zed has never considered himself a brave man. Not a coward, mind you, just not brave. He avoids “taking action” whenever possible...

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