Man On The Moon

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“Control, this is Orbital Mission 003. Do you copy?”

“We copy that Orbital, you are closing in on the landing site, correct?”

“Copy that control, I don’t see the landing site beacons.”

“There is no contact with the base, can you land without them.”

“Roger that, no problem, but I don’t see any lights on in the facility itself.”

“Probably an outage, just get on with the landing.”

“Copy that Control.”

The shuttle pod made it’s approach to the landing site. Slowly and steadily it made it’s touch down. The two base mechanics unbuckle and begin to exit the pod.

“Do we have to fix the outage, John?” asked Frank.

“It goes back up on it’s own, i’m sure.” replied John.

The two walk down the pod arrival tunnel and out into the space port lobby.

“Holy Shit, what the fuck happened here?” Frank said looking at the destroyed space port lobby. John picked up a holopad and read the lastest news issue, the headline read Strange Creatures Spotted, Possible Cause Of Outages.

“My God…” said John said astonished.

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