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I had hoped for a better start to this year
I wished for you to forget all the pain I left behind

I never meant to leave you
I never meant to give you no reasons of my absence on your birthdays, or your graduation day

I had sent many cards
I guess they never were sent to the right person
I did not hear a phone call, or any letters of your well being

I couldn’t believe the empty void inside my head
To not hear your voice

I reside beside the beach
Of a letter from you

I waited 25 years for a day when I would hear your voice
To see you down by the beach
Waving as you approach the beach lodge
Holding hands with a lover
To be able to see a smile
To be able to know you forgive my absence

I have waited
I have waited
I have waited

For a moment in life to hold you tight, to never let you go
For a foolish father to ever let you go
I was blind
I was a foolish kid
I was young
I let you down
I left you in pain
I left you with no father, to hold when your heart breaks.

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