Tooth and Claw

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This new form was fantastic, so primal and free, I raised my snout into the air. The scents were amazing, the wet forest pine was the most powerful but I also smelt bacon which must have been coming from the truck stop not far from here.

I gave my self some time to think about my little secret, what form should I take next. I heard the ghostly howl of a distressed wolf and felt compelled to howl in symphony. Raising my snout into the air, I to released the enchanting echo into the night.

I felt obliged to run, after all this form was way faster than my human . I ran, my heart working like mad. The forest floor was littered in dead foliage, twigs cracked beneath my paws. The soft earth was cool and inviting to my sore feet, it might have been a good idea to stop but I didn’t want to.

I ran for a few hours more, using my wolf body to its maximum potential. Eventually I decided to head home. I walked through the front door. “Hey mom no need to do my tea I tried venison while I was out”. I smiled.

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  1. Avatar Francis James

    You got a smooth way to describe what is going around.

  2. Avatar Spectrum

    I thik i am gonna do this story as a series i got a few ideas, does anyone think thats a good idea