The Gates Are Closing

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The Gates are closing
And it’s snowing
It always does in such clichés
So maybe I’ll just stay
Inside the door

I see no reason
To continue bleeding
For something that doesn’t make sense
Isn’t worth the expense
Not at all

The snow just turns to rain
The troubles continue to gain
Everything is on the rails
Thinking of how I failed
Over and over

When the sunshine breaks
The tears just may abate
But it’s too late, depression
Has already made its impression
On your soul

Maybe I can’t escape it
Maybe I can just fake it
But I know it’s still there
No it isn’t fair
Can’t escape reality

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  1. Avatar Abstract

    Powerful and dripping with metaphor. This is quality material.

  2. Avatar Krulltar


  3. Amj Lone Writer

    Wow, thanks for the comments.