Let's Get Dangerous

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Before long, they were at the aforementioned building. Or rather, near it, in order that they remain unnoticed. The tunnels grew more heavily traveled as they approached the computer science department, and the noise of work was heavy in the air.

“They aren’t even bothering to try to hide it other than having it underground.” Lisa murmured.

“Why bother? The only people that usually come down here are the occasional maintenance worker, VADders, and the occasional Dungeons and Dragons groups. Of those three only the maintenance workers are supposed to be there, and they usually mind their own business.” Sera replied.

“The big question is what they would be building down here. I mean, other than the fiber line, there really isn’t anything useful down here.” James added, looking perplexed.

“Well, it’s probably just storage, or server space.” Billy said.

“It could get dangerous down here Billy,” Sera said, sounding serious. “You should go, we’ll scout the place out and let you know what’s down here later.”

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  1. Avatar Pyropunk 51 (PPP LoA)

    is Billy wearing a red shirt?

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