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I realize now the fear coming from my face, the worry of my parent’s faces, and the sadness from the doctor’s face. I can tell the conversation is coming to the end, I can read his lips and the sentence is almost complete. The only words I actually hear are the last three, “You have cancer.”
At that point I cannot keep the tears back any longer. They stream down my face, blurring my vision. However, I am too angry to care. I am not going to live, that is what he told us next. That I had one week left and that was all. This gets me even angrier. I have done nothing in my life to deserve cancer; it is all God’s fault! I am a completely normal person and now my life is going to end for no justifiable reason. All the week gave me was time me to think back on my life and realize what a waste it has been, I have done nothing and there is nothing to remember me by. These past three days have been filled with sorrow and goodbyes. I cannot take three more days of this.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    And the story is told! Sort of a Lurlene McDaniel story, only with a dramatic turn instead of the cry-fest.
    I think the anger is misprojected, and ‘you’ never know whose lives you’ve touched. Still a reasonable reaction, if misguided.
    so do they jump? *reads on

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