The Trouble With Tipples

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She was peacefully tending the front garden. The ground started shaking. She looked up, she swore she could see flames. She certainly saw clouds of smoke. The problem was all this noise and smoke were heading her way.

The huge beast ground to a halt before her. The smoke was finally carried away on the gentle breeze. “Where the bloody hell did you get that contraption from” she bellowed. He stuttered a reply “I ….I …. won it …. won it in a card game”. “And your drunk” she yelled. “I …. am not drrrrrrunk” he slurred

She could not believe her ears and eyes, “what is it she asked” trying to calm down. “It’s a steam roller….oops” he tried replying, slipping and just catching the handrail.

“OK then smart arse, where are you going to park it” she quizzed. “Ahh if you don’t stop ya nagging woman, I’ll show you where I’ll park it” he spluttered back. With that he tried to dismount, slipped and fell flat on his face into her flowering border.

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  1. Avatar Melia

    What an utterly hilarious and random thing to win in a card game -lol! I can picture the whole scene perfectly. Bet he’ll wake up the next morning wondering wtf is that thing in his driveway. I also bet his Missus let him sleep it off in her flower border :)

  2. Avatar ernmander

    lol now that would be hilarious to see what the next day brings. It would be equally funny to try and write the card game scene, cause I would imagine all involved would be very drunk :)

  3. Avatar Melia

    Who drives a steam roller to a card game anyway? Lol!

  4. Avatar ernmander

    The Irish :) LOL

  5. Avatar ernmander

    Actually when I say the Irish I also mean a certain drunk Englishman would also, mind you that Englishman would have probably crashed it way before he got home :)

  6. Avatar Melia

    giggles Oh dear ;)

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