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I feel the my time is coming to its end. My bones are not as sturdy as they were. My inner parts don’t make the right electrical connections. My my best friend C likes me alright, but I know he’s thinking about trading me in already. When people try to contact me, sometimes I isolate myself and refuse to receive their signals. Other times, their messages will come through, but never for me. I deviously put a wrench in communications between C and his girlfriend by disordering the messages and delaying their delivery.
I think this is my dying wish…that I be remembered for the convenience of my apps. But next time, get find something different when you replace me. You deserve better.

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  1. Avatar Rachel Addison Miller

    This was inspired by E.M.’s iPhone, which works sometimes and not at others. I think it had a nervous breakdown. :-)

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Fun take on a the perspective of the cell phone. I know some people treat them like Kleenex, but I hang on to mine…until the contract is up, and I can renew and get a shiny new one! Ooh, loves me some shiny!

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