Inside the Iceberg

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Outside, Webster and Oswald couldn’t see the size of the base, but the PDA attested to the size. Webster felt like he was inside an iceberg. It was cold and wet everywhere; giant once below.

“So are we going to check the problems with the pipes or are we going to find the communication center?”

“This is the stop we’d take even though this PDA isn’t mapping the structure correctly. If it is right, we can take these main hallways and it’ll take two minutes.”

They both noticed during the conversation, there was no friendly welcome from any scientists or miners. No main lighting, but backup lights and construction lights. No sound other than a soft waterfall.

Despite uncomfortable settings, they took the few hallways like the PDA displayed. Eventually, they came to the large double doors where only a few lights kept it visible.

“We should be able to slide it open as the power is out for all the doors.”

They put their two pairs of gloves to it and felt no friction.

It was pitch black inside.

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  1. Avatar The Bread Ghost!

    Chapter 2, part 2.

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