Into the Forest

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As Zarek stood on the edge of this massive wall of trees, he felt a sort of darkness creep about him.. a strange force seemed to draw his mind into the deepths of the dark void within the trees…

This is it… The Forest…

He stood as though he were keeping his balance on the edge of a cliff. His mind became more focused on the forest as the dark force continued to pull him in.
Suddenly, on an almost instictive impulse, he ran. He dove into the forest as if it were a deep pool. He ran as fast as he could, as fast as his legs could take him. He toiled into the darkness of the forest as if there was a monster hard on its heels after him.
When he finally stopped, darkness surrounded him completely. Not a smidgen of light was to be seen, and the darkness was almost tangible.
The mysterious air of the place filled him, and as his eyes became accustomed to the dark, he could see just how grand the trunks of the trees were. He walked steadily for a bit, until he saw a light in the distance…

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  1. Avatar blusparrow (LoA)

    for some reason I thought of Finding Nemo with the light he saw lol. I’m such a dork. Anyway, this looks really mysterious and I am excited for the sequel.

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