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The air hung heavy with the smell of pepermint, lavander and cigarette smoke. The darkness almost drowned the room to the point where only the shadows of people could be made out. I took a seat on a dirty, red, leather, sofa. I sipped at my wine in my glass, my black lipstick imprinting on the glass. My attention caught a guy looking at me and smirking. I gave him an signaled invitation to come over by sucking on the cherry I had got from my glass.

He made his way across the room, and took a seat next to me. His semi long, jet black hair complemented his black suit.
“Bonjour madame.” he said putting his hand on my knee.
“Bonjour monsieur, vous semblez se pr√©cipitant ce soir.” I replied.

He ran his hand down my cheek, running his fingers down my jawline. His other hand running up the course of my body. I accepted his silent inviation and our lips touched with an intensity beyond words. I pulled away,
“Jusqu’√† la fois prochaine, monsieur " I whispered in his ear, and with that disappeared into the scene.

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  1. Avatar ernmander

    totally wonderful and descriptive. I loved the interplay between French and English, makes the reader work j’adore :)

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