Hooking Up

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It happened on a sunny August day.
“That feels amazing,” you said between breaths.
I took you in my mouth and knew.
That moment I knew happiness.
I felt it, in my heart,
in my hand; in my mouth,
I tasted pure happiness.

We won’t tell anyone.
Afterwards we hugged.

It surpises me how much it never happened.
Your wife doesn’t know.
Yet, each time I see you I want more.
It pains me to see you act like we’re still just friends.

Now there is an elephant in the room.
A big, pink elephant.

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  1. Avatar Anonymuncule

    Too little of what you always wanted.

  2. Avatar Raegan Dauterive

    That’s exactly it.

  3. Avatar Krulltar

    This left me speechless, it was that good.

  4. Avatar Raegan Dauterive

    Wow, thanks :)

  5. Avatar Raegan Dauterive

    hmm, that’s weird, I didn’t mean for it to be creepy at all :/
    I don’t see it…

  6. Avatar Pyropunk 51 (PPP LoA)

    not creepy. the infidelity aspects felt real. and the “being friends” being compared to a big pink elephant were funny.

  7. Avatar Breakfast At Jamie's

    Your really really good! :) I liked it a lot!

  8. Avatar Nancy

    Love it. I hadn’t seen this piece of yours… kind of funny that we both wrote ficlies in a similar vein.

  9. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    Lovely! Funny and entertaining.

  10. Avatar Be.a.teenage.Dream.Tonight<3


  11. Avatar Raegan Dauterive

    ^ I guess. I wrote it about a friend I’ve known since fourth grade, he got married a year ago and allegedly cheated on his wife with one of his childhood friends.

    I thought it might be fun to try and see her point of view.

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