Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Avatar Author: Throat Wolf The “Throat Wolf” was a card much talked about back in the early days of Magic: The Gathering. However, despite all the discussion, the card did not actually exist. Thus, when I picked a pseudonym for the vorarephilia (vo... Read Bio

Her hair was long, and full, and blonde. It fell all the way to her ankles, and entirely surrounded her. She leaned forward slightly, too, so it blocked out peripheral vision. The only way to see her face was to look at her from head on—and since she was staring out the subway car’s window, that wasn’t possible.

Except I noticed two bright blue eyes looking curiously at mine out of the reflection on the grimy glass. “Like what you see?” she asked—not sarcastically, but more sort of curiously.

“Er, well, I—”

And now a smile beneath those eyes. “Don’t worry, I get it all the time.”

“You have to admit, hair like that is…pretty rare.”

“Mm-hm. Would you like to touch it? Go ahead.”

I reached out—and at that moment, the subway suddenly slammed on the brakes. I fell forward, into her hair—literally. There was no impact of body against body. Instead, I fell into a pile of golden warmth that surrounded me and suspended me.

From a distance, I heard her voice. “Oh dear. I guess I’ll have to keep you now.”

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  1. Avatar DoItForScience

    Interesting… a trap I’d be all too likely to fall into myself.

  2. Avatar i love hot blondes

    Very sexy story. i love blonde blue eyed girls especially ones with really long hair and the girl in your story sounds very hot indeed. I’d love sitting next to a girl like that.

  3. Avatar i love hot blondes

    i wrote a prequel as well as a sequel to your very sexy story about a very beautiful very long haired sexy blonde blue eyed girl.

  4. Avatar i love hot blondes

    However much of it is rather adult themed just to let you know.