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  • Just Enough

    You left me just in time to say I hardly ever knew you. And you hurt me just enough to say That I should really hate you. And I love you just enough to say That I can’t live without you. And I miss you just enough to say That I’m fading here witho...

  • You've Broken Me

    Cheaper than a night in France yet Overpriced. You’re Denser than a pile of bricks yet Excellently Bright. And all the while you’ve been able to Read me. You’re the only one who Ever could. The one, the only, the All- Knowing Evil; t...

  • Coded

    With all the riddles and clues that I give to you you think that you’d get it by now. There’s not a word in this hand that you’d understand. I wish that you’d get it somehow When I try to say things too directly they always come out incorrectly...

  • Blind

    I don’t understand why: (You won’t let me be who I am. You won’t let me see who I am. You hinder my understanding. You deny my offers while you cry at night. You smile at me while you scowl at him.) When with me you could be better off Would you ...

  • Interpersonal Conflict

    Now that you’re away from me, I hope that I can finally see from the outside looking in. I know I said I’m not your friend But did I mean it? I don’t know. But did you know my heart was cold? As you say you’re uncool I want you to know: you’l...

  • Browser History

    “Grandpa,” asked Cindy, “how come I can’t browse you further back than your wedding?” He put his hand on Cindy’s shoulder and looked down at her Tactive. “That was the day I decided to start recording.” S...

    • Author: Fracture
    • Posted about 5 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Escape?

    Simon, Beth and Jay stumbled through the darkness, following the brook as it weaved through Seabrook Park. When the stream banked right away from the Nature Center, the teens went left, hoping for some cover in the building’s shadows. They had ab...

    • Author: Aurelia
    • Posted about 5 years ago.
  • Hello, Moon

    I can see the moon, lulling to the tune of the new loons down by pond: swoon. We are there – again. Every time just the same as the last. Every time you’re more beautiful. Too bad every time can’t be forever and ever or happily ever a...

    • Author: Seth Miller
    • Posted about 5 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • [noir 12] The Truth Comes Out

    “Joe, shoot her!” Marli screamed. “Drop it, pal.” Said one of the men in the shadows. “Everybody shut up and back off!” I shouted. “I need some goddamn answers!” I brought the gun up, leveling it first at...

  • Ghosts in the Shell

    She’d walked in the main door of the building. Just like any other person could, even checked with the rent-a-bozos at the desk that she was in the right place. The mapstick had come with a trial of Babel’s language pack for tourists. The h...

    • Author: dkscully
    • Posted about 5 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • words.

    there is a language between the words, between the silences between the breaths and the sighs and the wondering quite what happened there is a language in the craters and the still-smoking ruins left after the air raid, and a language in the straining ...

    • Author: LaraLustre
    • Posted about 5 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Poem

    he loved me once, he loved me well so when i tripped, t’was far i fell and when i rose was cold i came and when i ran, not quite the same. of course i know tis never real but even so with kiss i seal the fate of mine in time, in time i linger her...

    • Author: LaraLustre
    • Posted about 5 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • [noir 11] Things Aren't As They Seem

    The door to the left of Miss Brown burst open and Kevin Lawver stormed into the room, pulling Marli and a scruffy looking man behind him. I assumed the man was the elusive Mr. Mess. “Just in time!” cheered Miss Brown, clapping her hands. &#...

  • [noir 10] Miss Jessica Brown

    “I don’t know how much you’ve figured out, Mr. Young, so I’ll fill you in. Marli, my dearest sister, has taken it upon herself to steal my inheritance for herself. See, Mother always trusted me more, and Marli knew that. When Mo...

  • Tracking the most dangerous prey

    The teenagers were still strong and alert. Centuries of experience and lost accomplices had taught Vlad to be more conservative than a Texas Republican. A smashed wooden shed means a sharp wooden stake at hand, pretty much anywhere you put your hand do...

  • Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

    The prophecy must be wrong. Simon Smith trudged dejectedly along the steep hiking trail, thinking. “This child shall be a Hero, more Super than any other.” Easier said than done. Ever since he was old enough, he had been searching for his p...

    • Author: Aurelia
    • Posted about 5 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • [noir 8] Should Have Been A Painter

    It was dark. Could have been the burlap sack over my head. My wrists itched from their binds and my back hurt from the awkward position I’d been in for… how long? How long had I been out? Drugged twice in two days, I thought. I think itR...

  • What really happened there ?

    She said that the guy who had asked her out was an idiot,but we could tell that she liked him. My friend teased,“What if I go tell him that ?” Annie did’nt seem to mind but her best friend said, “Really, I did’nt know he w...

    • Author: asmk
    • Posted about 5 years ago.
  • [noir 7] Point Blanche, Point Blank

    I felt like a tumbleweed in a hurricane, completely out of place and overwhelmed by the storm. These recent developments threw crooked shadows over everything I’d learned thus far. Yet still, they were the only clues I had at my disposal, so I ha...

  • The Curious Ballad of Tatty Bo Jangles (Mature)

    “Never go into the forest… you hear me?” Stated Mother Goodberry “That is where he lives and that is where he will get you” The children thrilled by the story of the child eater known as Tatty Bo Jangles listened intently....

    • Author: Macca420
    • Posted about 5 years ago.
  • Our Ann

    The best thing about her was her rice. Well maybe not the best thing but certainly one the kids and adults both loved. They would gather around, all the families, friends and neighbors like stray cats who have found a warm place to sleep in the cold ni...

  • Non-Fiction Part I

    I had a half year run as a bookstore employee. One average day, a small girl was calling for her parents in the middle of the store. I thought she belonged to the adults next to her, but when they walked by her I knew she was all alone. I approached he...

    • Author: Jesse Blake
    • Posted about 5 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Regret in Reverse

    She looked around the cluttered room, and down at my sorry state. I held my breath. “This is not…an optimal result”, she said after the longest pause. Books and sketchpads littered the tiny one bed, one bath, pet-free, no smoking apar...

    • Author: Brodo
    • Posted about 5 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Sergei

    Let me tell you about Sergei. He’s 6’1", lean and muscular; his color is a beautiful reddish-brown and he is well-proportioned. We’ve been together for almost a year, and I’ve never regretted a day of it. We have our proble...

    • Author: j. smthng
    • Posted about 5 years ago.
  • C6H12O6

    The battle rages on behind closed doors. This shaking, feeble cage I’m trapped within, turns me over – inside and out. Turn down the volume, turn up the fears. Eat, and seek relief: close the blinds, and ignore the darkness. Emerge like a b...

    • Author: Match
    • Posted about 5 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Vocation

    Pantera, Pan for short, and yes his parents where huge fans, had an extraordinary gift. He could, without searching or even thinking about it, find any object in the first place he looked. He did not find this talent unusual and it did not occur to him...

  • [noir 6] A Change of Plans

    “The name’s Kevin Lawver.” said the man. “I’m an undercover cop. I’ve been watching you ever since miss Marli showed up at your door. She’s a dangerous woman, Joe. You’ve got no idea the mess you’ve...

  • [noir 5] Missing Miss Marli

    I did my best not to watch as Marli readied herself for bed. Lead me not into temptation, I thought to myself. What a dame! I poured myself a drink from a flask in my coat, stripped down to my skivvies and undershirt, then downed the drink in one gulp....

  • Learning Trinary

    “Up until now, Yent, you’ve only either been on-line or off-line.” Yent squinted through his black eye, straining against the fibercore ropes that held him to the doric pillar in the hotel lobby. A lock of maroon-colored hair covered ...

    • Author: awayken
    • Posted about 5 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Soul Mate

    You know what T-shirt I like best My favorite color too And when I cry silently You know exactly what to do You know when it’s my birthday The right amount of fuss to make You feel so happy for me Every triumphal step I take When I’m being ...

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