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  • Write? Preposterous!

    The crowd erupted with a roar of anger. The townsfolk of Stalworth had not written a single word in centuries. Words were powerful. A sentence was an act of creation.Words could carve a prosperous city out of a mountain, evolve a monarch into a fair an...

  • The New Line

    “What do you think of the training film, boss?” “Where are the chicks, Simpson? Honestly, where did you find that kid to model it, the library? Where’s the sex?” “It’s a discipline device parents put on their k...

    • Author: Kevin Lawver
    • Posted almost 9 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • A Cruel New Policy

    Marybeth walked down the street feeling sick to her stomach. There was so much going through her mind- all of it bad. She didn’t want to be pregnant. If she hadn’t… it was too difficult to think about. It was easier to focus on the sh...

  • Falling Home

    Reentry is a tricky thing at best. The Ph.D.s on the ground tell us that we’re always falling, in a manner of speaking. Way I look at it, orbiting the planet’s got nothing to do with the soul-shaking fall back into the atmosphere. Come in t...

    • Author: Jason Garber
    • Posted almost 9 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Death of a Mousington

    My dear Paula, I’m tired of this life. I cannot begin to apologize to you. I could never bring home the cheese to treat you like the princess you are. I know of your affair with Radcliffe; it does not bother me. He can provide for you in ways th...

  • Ignorance Is Bliss

    As the harsh sounds of a big-city morning clash with the gentle chords of a romantic mix-tape, never turned off, all in the small apartment is still – a freeze-frame; a moment captured in suspense. On the table, two coffee cups sit unfinished, waitin...

  • an island called ficly

    Pyropunk stood behind some rocks that littered the almost barren island and watched the spectacle on the beach. A few of his old friends (and fiends) were assembled and more seemed to be arriving by the minute. Some were still trying to rid themselves ...

  • Moment Of Peace

    Everyone was up and dancing and laughing and singing. Lone Writer shimmied her way over to where Band Baby, Bartimaeus, Blusparrow, and Elisabeth L. Davis were all dancing. She through her arms around Band Baby and then the others in turn. “IR...

  • The Quest Begins.

    The first time I met the shaggy headed little hero, he looked like a midget of a midget. Wait.. no.. an adolescent midget midget. He clung to the hand of a hazel eyed angel like it were an umbilical cord bringing mana from heaven. She leaned down to fa...

  • The Bible in 10 Words

    “Don’t eat the fruit,” God said. nomnomnom “Curse mankind forever!”

    • Author: Sam Ervin
    • Posted over 8 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Memoraphilia

    I curse the fact that my dealer is a traditionalist as I turn the corner into the dark alley, the heads up display in my glasses warning me I’m going off the beaten track. “That’s far enough,” a voice whispers through my earbuds...

    • Author: DredZed
    • Posted about 8 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Care and Maintenance

    You’ll want to take special care with your battery pack. It powers your headgear’s network connection, sensors, and reporting channels, and maintains appropriate electrode tension against your vertebra and soft palate. Your spare battery sh...

  • Young Gods

    “Let’s begin.” The teacher paced before her class, explaining How To Be A God and Proper Creation Of The Universe. They’d already progressed to making their first creatures, and most had chosen humans, a simple, mostly harmless ...

  • Death 2

    I left the human world thinking I had helped this man, only to learn later that in his drunken state his mind warped what I had said. He lived with a determination to create a superior race of blonde-haired, blue-eyed humans. How stupid I was! So, now ...

  • The Many Ways To Say "I Love You"

    “I love you” Kyle said. “I love you. I love you. I Love you. I love you Ugh, I give up! How do I tell you how I feel?” He takes a step back, and a deep breath. “I LOVE you.” No, that just sounds like I’m chokin...

    • Author: D.S. Aly
    • Posted over 8 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Goodbye 999

    We came into this cycle two against the world. Now i am leaving all by myself…………………. World one…two none

  • Welcome To FiclyNation

    “Welcome to FiclyNation!” Lone Writer laughed madly. He looked her over sympathetically. The Ficlets Deprivation had taken its toll. Her traditional cowboy treads were in treacherous condition and her hands trembled as if a story was trying...

    • Author: Lone Writer
    • Posted almost 9 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Santa Stole My Girlfriend (Mature)

    Dear Santa, You are one certified son of a bitch. Seriously, I thought we were friends! How the hell could you do this to me, Santa? I was good for an entire year! I was never ever ever on your naughty list. Apparently, you don’t know who has bee...

    • Author: stick me on
    • Posted over 8 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • An Unfortunate Compulsion (Mature)

    Jeff had an unfortunate compulsion to masturbate in inappropriate settings. Bus terminals. The cereal aisle. At the bank. He had been to psychiatrists. However, doctors’ waiting rooms were a common place for the compulsion to strike him, so usual...

    • Author: Aurelia
    • Posted almost 9 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Flash Flood

    We slam against the bank, scrabbling for footing amid the slimy trash and broken glass. Pete groans as we pull him up after us. The night sky strobes with lightning, silhouetting the torn guardrail on the bridge. Rain spits down like bullets. Behind us...


    When I originally wrote this (it used to be “Shooting Star”), it was the first semester of university and I thought I had this wicked awesome original story to enter into Sam Ervin’s challenge. However, I have recently been reminded o...

    • Author: Abstract
    • Posted over 8 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Refusal

    “Please, dear, I love you to pieces…” “If you loved me that much then you’d agree with me: this is sick! It’s violating! I won’t do it! I won’t!” A mother sits in a therapist’s office, fit to ...

  • This Is My Version Of Percolate By Elsha Hawk.

    Percolate. Ideas are rising through a thick black sludge, gathering stimulants on their way to the surface. Did coke really used to have…who knows. “Sweetie you think this coffee will be done tonight?” “You could fuctin’ m...

  • Probably offensive

    “I’m sorry, we’re going to have to let you go.” The Boss said straight to God. “Wh…why? What have I done wrong?!” He’d been a good God, a just God, what possible reason could they have for firing him? ...

  • Xerox Girl

    I*zz*ie made m*y* heart strings *q*ui*v*er like a bow pulled across a *v*iolin. A herd of ga*z*elles and *z*ebras chased butterflies in m*y* *q*uickl*y* constricting chest. I watched her work the *x*ero*x* machine at Kinkos. I had gi*v*en her a *z*an*y...

  • Old Habits Die Hard (Mature)

    “Luc, I’m marrying Carrie today. I can’t do this,” Jack said, his hands searching for the doorhandle behind him. “Sure you can,” Lucas said. “It’s just like when we were kids. Remember when mum made us ta...

    • Author: thelostgirl
    • Posted over 8 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • The Acceptance Speech

    Thank you to everyone who voted for us, for the judges and for all of you for sitting through the next 45 seconds. Ficly is a creative oasis in a sea of sameness. It allows anyone with five minutes to create a world, a character, a scene or an emotion ...

  • a structured response

    P O E T R Y nEEDS nOT Constant structure… S o m e t h i n g s Simply cannot be cOnTaInEd by b o ~u~ ~ – n – ~ ==d :.a.: ¿r? ~~i -e- s of convention Must we p-e-r-p-e-t-u-a-l-l-y stick to t r i v i a l formalities, and chastise thos...

  • The Ultimate Chronicle - Part 1

    Abe Lincoln collapsed to his knees in the soft volcanic ash. He tried to start his electric gauntlets, but the heavy brass weapons on his hands only fizzled. The time-space generator he wore on his back coughed and spluttered, exhausted. All seemed los...

    • Author: bluefish
    • Posted over 8 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • M.C. Mess -- Genesis

    (It’s better with a beat, I assure you.) Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats, we got M.C. Mess, droppin’ beats, layin’ rhythms, twistin’ rhymes, he’s been rappin’ since the dawn of time. You see he’s more tha...

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