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  • Write Calm And Give Thanks (500th Ficly)

    Inspiration has taken a vacation. Awaken from misshapen anger and tell me what’s wrong. Try to write calm. Why would it matter? Pretend a baby depends upon your ability to be calm, “even though I’d rather slather on some raw emotion...

  • Diary Entry -30 Days No Contact Period Result Part 2

    As a result barely a few hours later, finding out she had got back together with her ex, didn’t have anywhere near the impact it would have had otherwise, and will make the transition back to just being friends so much easier too. While I still r...

  • Diary Entry -30 Days No Contact Period Result Part 1

    I can confirm that on the evening of Day 30, I met another “christian woman” who snapped me right out of my obsessive “one woman” thinking from the last month mere hours before I was due to see said woman again. This other woman...

  • Debt

    He was like every other, some suit who got a little too comfortable spending rather than saving. Weekend trips to the track, bar tabs exceeding his pay grade, a few too many bad hands in hold ’em. After the initial high, there comes the fall. ...

    • Author: J.P. Glenn
    • Posted 8 days ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Darkest Sunshine

    One sunny and clear day I made my decision. I cannot recall the date, but it was a Saturday. Jonah was begging me to go outside, I was nasty to him as usual. “Jonah, just be quiet for ONCE!” “Okay Daddy, sorry.” He whimpered bac...

    • Author: Drake West
    • Posted 10 days ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • People Watching

    People are an interesting lot. As I sit here, enjoying a glass of Pinot for the first time in twenty-six years, I reminisce over all the years gone by. I turned fifty-one yesterday and my life has taken many turns, but not so many all at once, as have ...

  • Everywhere's a Beach

    One sunny and clear day has collided into another. I can’t recall the last time it was a dark or stormy night. Almost nothing but sand as far as the eye can see as I stand here in what used to be a forest. Well… that was about five billion ...

    • Author: Tesseract
    • Posted 12 days ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • The City by the Lake

    He doesn’t belong here. No one takes much notice of his solitary figure, but as he walks the lakefront, he feels as if every eye in the city is upon him. The smell of the lake is fresh and welcome as the breeze that accompanies every wave. The rh...

  • Target Practice

    Dear Sir or Madam, Though we apologise for the inconvenience, we appreciate your passive participation in our latest training exercise. Our children are our future and it is vital that they learn the skills that must be passed on from generation to gen...

    • Author: Tesseract
    • Posted 12 days ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Milwaukee

    I made a choice, and at the time, it was the right choice. I had felt trapped. Constricted. Tied down. I needed to move. To breath. We were different. I wanted nothing more than an open road and someone to share it with. You had wanted the normal thing...

  • Forgotten

    One sunny and clear day, a gentle breeze sent wave-like ripples over the white and gold rolling plains. Alia walked with her arms outstretched, feeling the caress of tall grass beneath her fingertips and her dark eyes roamed the landscape, her gaze com...

    • Author: Isla
    • Posted 12 days ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Captive pt3

    He shows me to a small room upstairs where I will stay until I change my mind. In the middle of the night I creep out of my room. I fly downstairs and find the front door unlocked. I burst through it and hear a low chuckle. My heart pounds in my chest ...

    • Author: Rahose
    • Posted 13 days ago.
  • Captive pt2

    “I’m a nice guy though, so I’ll make you a deal. If you can find a cheap air flight I’ll let you leave free and clear. I’ll even let me assistant help you.”He calls out and a small, hunched over man walks up. He̵...

    • Author: Rahose
    • Posted 13 days ago.
  • Captive

    I find myself in an older mans house. His tone is kind but there is a twisted glint in his eyes that matches the way his lips curve up slightly. He’s telling me to do something on his computer. I walk up to it and wiggle the mouse around to wake ...

    • Author: Rahose
    • Posted 13 days ago.
  • I was lost but now I'm found

    I put in a ticket to have this checked cuz I couldn’t let it go. Kevin in the help section got back to me super quick and rectified the problem. THANKS KEVIN

  • As in life, so in death (Mature)

    You brought me into this world, you were an asshole then they say. You taught me some meaningful things, some lessons are learned the hard way. You weren’t much for words, or emotion, or nurturing. I learned that the hard way as well. Always quic...

    • Author: Reaver19
    • Posted 13 days ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Jump In

    Falling down up Not sure which way Spinning left right I can’t stay this way I don’t know what I want Too many thoughts in my head Yelling clawing wanting out I can’t seem to get ahead I shudder simply at the thought Commitment judgem...

    • Author: Rahose
    • Posted 13 days ago.
  • The legend of Terse

    If the legends were true then this had to be the place. The Midnight Forest without question loomed before him. The setting sun had only added to it’s already ominous features, wide expanse of densely-packed trees, dry brittle thorn-infested thor...

  • Keyboards

    Find middle C, I told myself. I should be able to remember at least that. My fingers can find their way through a C+ scale. But I don’t remember how to do a D major or E minor scale. What were the sharps and flats? What about arpeggios? I canR...

  • His Touch

    The touch it burns Fingers trailing questioning lingering You lick your lips yearning arms wrapped tight A question in my eyes and pleasure on my lips Your fingers brush my hips A small moan is my acceptance And now you don’t hold back We set...

    • Author: Rahose
    • Posted 14 days ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • The Library of the Forbidden and Unknowable: The Secretary

    Lynn Wright, Secretary to the Chief Librarian of the Library of the Forbidden and Unknowable, went through the papers spread out on her desk in her brand of ordered chaos again. There were a few letters to Mr. Quillman, a couple of bills, a selection o...

  • Destroyed (Mature)

    I could break it all down, I could smash it all up, I could burn it to the ground, I could wash it all away, But what would that do? When it’s all fucked anyway, left shattered and Destroyed, no use to build it all again. I could pick up the piec...

  • User 5872

    Profile update: Reaver19: Deceased Stories: Missing Quotes: Missing Friends/Followers: MIA Notes: None Whereabouts of the publisher known as Reaver19 are unknown at this time. He is presumed dead due to the length of his last post. If anyone has any in...

  • I, Monster

    A monster lurks inside me, it’s watching, it’s waiting. A monster hides within me, it grows hungry, it’s impatient. A monster stirs beneath the surface, it’s eyes burning, it’s fists clenching. A monster walks among you, i...

  • Three Little Monkeys

    Three little monkeys going ’round Three little monkeys go up and down What will they do when they get to town? This one wants to see the clowns… Two little monkeys going ’round Two little monkeys go up and down What will they do when ...

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