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  • White Room

    I sit here alone in this Little White Room, alone with my thoughts. I sit here alone in this Little White Room, I stare at the floor, at the ceiling, struggling with this pain that I’m feeling. I lie here alone in my Little White Room, torn betwe...

  • a farewell

    This will be the last thing I post here. Though I was not an active member for long, and I didn’t know many of you, I will still miss this place. I enjoyed reading other’s works. I enjoyed the challenges that were created, I enjoyed everyth...

  • Game of love

    I forgot what it was like to have a broken heart. I don’t care if you known them for a week or a lifetime when you feel that connection and then it is severed it hurts. It hurts as if someone is squeezing your heart and twisting it at the same ti...

  • In The Beginning...

    And there was light. “Hm! Pretty!” He thought. He idly turned it off then back on again. “That’ll never get old. Although this place is covered in water. Here.” He flipped the light off and on again. “Huh. Better, but not quite right. D...

  • countdown

    Yes (fillercharacterstogettosixtyonetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineteneleventwelve

  • Where it began

    The lights turned red and as I slowed to stop I noticed the corner dairy across the intersection. Looking away, I wound down my window and gazed out over the ocean to my right; it was hot under the mid day sun and breeze was refreshing. I could hear th...

    • Author: Isla
    • Posted 9 days ago.
  • The Last Ficly

    I said I wouldn’t cry… When I think back over the times I’ve poured my heart out on this site, I can’t believe I never considered a day when it would be gone. This place has always been more than a few pixels on my laptop screen...

    • Author: Abby (LoA)
    • Posted 9 days ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Introductions

    Something happened to the both of us. Maybe we became different people. Maybe we just drifted apart. Maybe we both made promises to ourselves to never let the other control our happiness. We’ve become strangers. I don’t know who you are anymore; I...

  • Incident in the Wizard's Infirmary

    Madame Fruitbat, a healer for the wizarding community, was having a bad day in her Liverpool clinic. Her receptionist buzzed her. “Madame Fruitbat, Mr Wattle, the man you gave the potion to last month, wants to check with you about how it works....

  • Under the Ivy

    I extricated myself from the myriad of conversations in the room and extracted the note that Elise had slipped into my pocket. I sipped from my scotch and opened the note. You know I’m not good with crowds. Please make my apologies to everyone. W...

  • One Last Stop

    When the last fullstop was fired the drumbeat stops. Silent is the battle zone. Soldier 1 speaks to Soldier 2. “Hey, do you think that our hands can finally rest?” “Can we finally be still?” Sentences all come to an end. The dis...

    • Author: punpun
    • Posted 12 days ago.
  • Hear Me

    I cried softly to your ear in the night, Of how deeply wounded And profoundly broken The little light behind my eyes Was You heard nothing. I cried out loud in the consuming blackness of night Of how deep my wounds were And how close to the edge I...

    • Author: Riley
    • Posted 12 days ago.
  • Patterns.

    …oh. It’s Monday. Your seat is taken by one of the girls who scowl at you and shift away. Oh well… You take a seat at a center table. You set up your name tag. Isadore. Soy de Santa Domingo. You glance at the board and take out what y...

    • Author: Riley
    • Posted 12 days ago.
  • The In Between

    I grew into a habit – that is, I like to convince myself that I am a monster. It makes it easy for me to get away with things; it gives me an excuse to be strong and violent. As a monster, I am unbreakable. But there are nights when I am so alone...

    • Author: m0ri
    • Posted 12 days ago.
  • Paper Ships

    The sun was setting low on the horizon, casting paint-splatters of reds, golds, pinks, yellows and oranges across the churning waters. It had been many years since this vast array of people had found themselves happily stranded on this great, exotic la...

    • Author: Riley
    • Posted 12 days ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Only

    She said she loved them. She only said she loved them. She said only she loved them. She said she only loved them. She said she loved only them. She said she loved them only. …only she said she loved them…

    • Author: Lighty
    • Posted 13 days ago.
  • Farewell to Ficly: A Sentiment Expressed In Text On A Screen

    There isn’t much that’s left to say, but there isn’t much that’s right to say either. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __...

    • Author: punpun
    • Posted 13 days ago.
  • Conflict

    The legions are shattered. The enemy approaches. The cities tremble in fear. In the final days of the Empire of a Thousand Rising Suns, the Imperial Palace sends hundreds of mismatched teams in search of weapons of last resort. One such team, led by a ...

    • Author: HSAR
    • Posted 14 days ago.
  • Non-Problems of Youth

    I pop a Lexapro. Swallow. It makes my head swim & kills every boner I could have had, but I guess it’s better than the alternative, & I guess I’m going out. I really am trying to get in the mood. Parties can be fun. Occasionally the...

    • Author: Escapist
    • Posted 15 days ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • The Most Curious of Cases

    Have you ever seen a god do such a thing? There she is again, gently petting the bridge of your nose. Small, infantile, insignificant you. How are you this lucky? She’s smiling at you now. But why? You’re vexed by this great problem the uni...

    • Author: Riley
    • Posted 15 days ago.
  • The Gudeman

    For the last three nights, this has been my mischief: Lie in bed until the whole castle slumbers, the snoring of the servants winding through the corridors, and then…quick! Change into the common garb, purchased last week for the princely sum of ...

  • Florida Boy

    They keep moving away. You sat in your seat in Spanish class; the one named Santa Domingo, followed by ‘Isidora’. You technically could sit anywhere, but you sit there. The boy who had resided to your right now rises and leaves, muttering s...

    • Author: Riley
    • Posted 16 days ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Sitting at night, Alone (Mature)

    There are times she just sits back and wonders. Like, she wonders if she’ll ever be able to get out of this Goddamned city, to someplace where she won’t get three days of detention for calling it a “Goddamned city”. She wonders ...

    • Author: Michael
    • Posted 17 days ago.
  • I Scream

    How I scream Louder I scream When did I become this person I tear myself apart  And lose the pieces along the way There’s no going back from here But that’s okay How I don’t know But forward is the only way to go The tears prickle al...

    • Author: Rahose
    • Posted 18 days ago.
  • Nothing Left

    He went silent. There was no scream of pain, no prophetic dialog. It just ended. The lye water covered him. It foamed marvelously as she had predicted, but there was no effect save for the watering of her eyes and a choking feeling in her throat. The c...

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