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  • League of Legends Cypher, part 1 (Rap) (Mature)

    Ho there—it’s the motherfucking Gem Knight Here to smash every hater in sight Summoned from a distant land hammer in hand I stand now a Valoran man Oh you thought my magic discredited? Edit your prejudice—earth magic’s relative My stones ha...

  • Hanging on

    My head hurts from all the swirling colors below, people dressed fully in red, blue, yellow, brown, purple, green, grey, and some in white, all laughing and hurrying through the crowded square below. They travel in packs, bright streaks across the blac...

  • A Modicum of Possibilities

    Sickly odors and effluvia fill my nostrils as I sit here, fermenting. They’ve taken my normal emotions and unknowingly replaced them with a single and formidable surrogate: Rage. You see, unlike the other prisoners here, I am not a Jew. I was ad...

    • Author: Seekers
    • Posted about 1 month ago.
  • Life goes on

    The next morning at breakfast, she went over all the days chores that needed to be done. “you can ride to school today, take Jester. But you come straight home,. Ya hear!” she told her son. Jacob would be eleven on his next birthday. R...

  • Escape

    Adrenaline pumped through Ki’s limbs, propelling her faster between the trees. Headlights dimly lit the train tracks to her left as trucks bounced along, outside the forest’s domain. She didn’t look back to find out how far back they were, or how...

  • The Ace

    “Quiet, please,” he heard the judge say as a hush fell over the court. A bead of sweat formed on his temple and tickled as it ran to his chin. He needed to slow himself down and focus. This was, he told himself, a sport of second chances af...

  • Pirate Shanty

    One of the greatest songs I’ve ever had the pleasure of singing wanted to spread the lyrics to the rest of the world Now we are ready to sail for the Horn, Weigh hey, roll and go! Our boots and our clothes, boys, are all in the pawn, To be rollic...

    • Author: Walsshhyy
    • Posted about 1 month ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Thank You for the Memory (Mature)

    Hi. I know I am the last person on earth you ever want to hear from again. You’ve made that quite clear. But it’s been almost a year. I hope you are doing well and are happy. That’s all I ever truly wanted, ya know. Was for you to be ...

  • An Irish Drinking Song (Mature)

    An attempt at the traditional Irish folk song: My father told me “my son when you’re a man, Work all your life and love your wife and do the best you can.” So I packed my bags and waved goodbye and headed out to sea And then I drank till I emptie...

    • Author: Osiris
    • Posted about 1 month ago.
  • Welcome to the Neighborhood (Mature)

    The doorbell rang unexpectedly. “Could you?” Amy said. “Must I?” Ben asked. The doorbell rang again, longer this time. “One of us should.” “Fine,” he set the remote aside and heaved himself off of the cou...

  • A Log

    Break. The monotonous form of most literary components within modern day composition bores me to tears. I simply cannot bear it any longer. I’ve sat up on many a night reading through countless novels, thousands of pages, thousands upon thousands...

    • Author: Seekers
    • Posted about 1 month ago.
  • One More Step

    It had been several days since I was brought out from my coma. I’d been confined to my bed for several days now. I slipped out while the nurse wasn’t looking, and climbed the stairs to the roof. It was chilly outside and I recalled those ho...

    • Author: Henjo
    • Posted about 1 month ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Closer Than Expected

    We sway gently back and forth; your head lay gingerly on my shoulder. The smell of your body has pushed through the perfume you spritzed this morning, and I breathe you in. Music pulses gently in my ear as I begin to drift away. We continue rocking; I ...

    • Author: nomadic nik
    • Posted about 1 month ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Christina Ricci

    Behave, but its better to never obey, Detour, delay, Christina Ricci, my 8 yr. old self wanted Wednesday Way back in the day, hey, I had Peachy facial hair and a short Buzz cut, I would watch the Addams Family for a glimpse Of her black lips, plump n&#...

    • Author: Tad Winslow
    • Posted about 1 month ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Impending

    Quiet. Too quiet. Sounds from the mainland were muffled. The lights in the distant city’s skyscrapers still blazed brightly enough for those of us on the island to see them. But the sounds that normally drifted our way were noticeably absent. Dense f...

  • Money

    He works hard. His house is filled with art. Diamonds spill from his pretty wife’s jewelry box. His children’s beds are coated in a thick layer of stuffed toys. At fifty-two his heart stops and so does he. A life filled with everything and ...

    • Author: inky blue
    • Posted about 1 month ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Procrastination

    This is yet another distraction. A sideways thought trailing off from my intended destination. It is past midnight. I won’t leave until this is done. The work is due in by the end of this week, I’ve known this since January but if I had don...

    • Author: Lighty
    • Posted about 1 month ago.
  • Outcast (Mature)

    I get that you’re happy, your life is so fine It’s rosy and bright and nice Well mine’s not so perfect, yet you’re taken aback When your greeting is met with ice How can a man succeed in his craft With two lovers across the way?...

    • Author: Jae
    • Posted about 1 month ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Staggering

    Hunger consumes this wasted body A man of skin stretched o’er his bones Food becomes ash with each bite taken Yet onward play the drones Poisonous sip – no: reckless draught Partook the man once of desire Flooding his veins so sick with hat...

    • Author: Jae
    • Posted about 1 month ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Salty Sea-doggerel

    The grass is pale brown by the edge of the sea; it rustles and scrapes in the wind, brushing against the gray stones. The best stones are those nearest the water, and their words fade quickest, worn by the spray. Far back from the water’s edge, i...

  • oh Sleep, Where Art Thou Once Again

    It’s four am I cannot sleep I cannot think, I cannot weep There is no heaviness in my lids No sleepy sand, which to get rid I sit here wanting, needing sleep But where oh where are those damned sheep I do belieive the wolves have come and gobble ...

  • Self- Distruction (repost)

    Rest Calmly you say Every thought a haunting Leaving an emptiness so deep Now oceans apart Seeking what we must Ever Apart for the best Yet love still lingers It was real you see At least it was for me Searching for beauty On distant shores In waves ...

  • Summer heat and Mosquitos (Mature)

    Summer brings it’s humid heat Amidst the sun and clouds A lovely day for tea thats sweet And far away from crowds A gentle breeze across my chest A tingle it does bring Across my bare and naked breast Exposed for you they sing The humid air doth ...

  • Survival Against the Odds

    We used to roam these woods and forests freely. We outnumbered our predators. Our dens were safe and secure and our pups grew and thrived. We balanced the world. The Elk and the deer flourished as we did. There was no disease and over population in our...

  • Remains of the Hot Day

    The day is hot. Spot, every spot heated up, up, up. Down, down beats the brightness from the hole in the sky. Air rises. Hope falls. I love it! From craggy perch to rustling weeds I get to flit. I get. I flit. I flop and flap. I chortle and giggle. All...

    • Author: THX 0477
    • Posted about 1 month ago.
    • 5 out of 5
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