Stories tagged “17”

  • Everything That Ends, 2

    Thor’s fist collided with his attacker’s exposed abdomen, and the room was bathed in intense heat, a brilliant white light, and static. The thunder God’s hair stood on end, and the intruder crumpled to the floor. Thor approached, smil...

  • Ashes Remain: Chapter Two;; Part 1

    I flew, taking the small cement stairs in great leaps. Eight flights later, I burst through a maintenance door, into one of the many side streets of the large city. Adrenaline pounded through my veins as I raced through the city streets, dodging the bu...

  • Delectable Dilemma (#17)

    Alice ate apples all afternoon. She snacked on sliced Santigold’s till sundown, smiling at the spectacularly satisfying snap. Patricia packed plenty of pantries with pumpkin pies, perfecting her pie-preparing process. However, Harold had to have ...

    • Author: Emilou
    • Posted about 6 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5