Stories tagged “Backfire”

  • Breaking News (Mature)

    We now bring you a live interview with the city’s latest Super Heroine: “Villains beware, I Felattio Girl shall hunt you down and punish you with my luscious lips of liberty and talented tongue of truth. “I will work tirelessly to track down and ...

  • More Breaking News (Mature)

    We turn away from the riots downtown to bring you a live interview with the person that could be our cities savior: “As riots sweep our fair city it is clear that Fellatio Girl cannot save the city alone. So I Cunnlingus Girl will answer the call and...

  • Just Saying

    However, it can backfire. Perhaps the first person you find is a secret money-grabbing double-crossing whore, screwing your best friend when you’re on that business trip to feed her insatiable appetite for some rare German ice cream.

    • Author: Sam Ervin
    • Posted over 10 years ago.
  • A Step Away from Oblivion

    When Whittle came home that night he was not pleased to see my most recent manifestation. The wizard’s face grew hard and he slammed the door behind him. “Where did you learn this? Was it from the forbidden texts, boy?” “I thoug...