Stories tagged “Beginnings”

  • The First - pt 1

    “Where are you going son,” my father asked. “Out,” “I know that; out where?” “The mall,” I admitted. “What’s at the mall?” My mother rescued me, finally, “Oh Howard, for cripes sak...

  • My First - Pt. 2

    My feet would stop and start again, as if my mind fought for me to turn back and just forget tonight was ever supposed to happen. All I ever thought about was the sight of her. It hadn’t occurred to me, until right that instant, that i’d ha...

  • My First - Pt. 3

    Andrea Leeman had black hair, and majestically blue eyes. In fact, between the shadow of her hair, and the almost porcelain complexion of her skin, her eyes were electric, stunning, hypnotic. She was not a skinny girl. And at age 14, she looked more li...

  • My First - Pt. 4

    She embraced me, putting her right hand behind my head, and she gave my short hair a playful scratching (sending chills down my left side). “I’m so glad you came!” she said. “You’re glad!? I wouldn’t miss it!” ...

  • My First - Pt. 5

    “Are you alright?” Andrea laughed, “relax. It’s just me, Eric,” “Just you,” he laughed, and nodded, “I know. I know. I get so nervous all the time. I’m not, you know… used to..” i looked...

  • My First - Pt. 7

    We talked. We laughed. We did everything that anonymous couples did in a cheesy diner milkshake shop did. And I wasn’t a dork. I started to realize that I could tell Andrea anything. ANYTHING. She didn’t think i was an idiot because there w...

  • My First - Pt. 8

    It was a warm night, and at first, we walked in silence. I was happy, proud even, just to be walking next to her. “Tell me something,” I asked. “Shoot,” “Have you ever .. you know, kissed .. somebody before?” “...

  • New Beginning

    new start new page first letter first word Chapters filled with endless journeys All in hopes to find a New Beginning

  • Beginnings

    An old friend waits beyond these gates. The world is calm and steady as the slate-grey sky waits to see what I’ll do next. I step forward and the crunch of gravel is the beginning of the Apocalypse; or, perhaps, the beginning of my new life. Eith...

  • What A Way

    A camera is essential to any gathering of girls; this is what you’ve learned from time after time arriving to these group events without a camera. “No, really, my hair looks terrible in that one – let’s do it over. Don’t y...

    • Author: DwriteN
    • Posted over 10 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Genesis

    In the beginning there was nothing, or at least that what it seemed like. Really, there was just me, and my desire to meet someone here in this new alien place called ‘school’. I had been to the big city before. My grandparents lived here a...

  • Toast at an unexpected breakfast

    “Oh…” she murmured, coaxed out of sleep by the unfamiliar presence. “You’re still here?” “I am, aren’t I?” he replied, far more awake and aware than her. “Breakfast?” He hadn’t all...

    • Author: YaYa
    • Posted over 10 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Friendship Anew

    The beginning of this tale starts with a end. An end of a beloved, sweet sister of mine. A sister made of love, A sister made of time, A sister made of friendship. Yes, it was the death of my best friend, Blossom’s lovely sister Lora life, That s...

  • Trips, the Feeling of Motion

    Gray morning, light drizzle, cold breeze. My breath drifting wisps from deep in my coat and scarf. The bustle of cars and people, the feeling of destination. The muted sense of being in a place, the feeling of existence. The thought of being somewhere...

  • How It Begins

    This is the first sentence. But before there could be a first sentence, there had to be a first crime. And a first conviction.

    • Author: Zerrakhi
    • Posted over 10 years ago.
  • Beginning the Beginning

    The judge wandered into the room. He took his time and sat down, smoothing his gray hair involuntarily with his right hand as he did so. He asked the jury an important question: “Jurors, as to the charge of first-degree murder, how do you find th...

    • Author: Abstract
    • Posted about 10 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Urheimat

    On the plain of the ancestors, the priest held the boy. There were five mounds, pyramidal in form but with flat tops. The blood from the ritual sacrifice was still running thick as the fires burned. They had sacrificed to Sehul and Mehnot, the Sun god ...

    • Author: Abstract
    • Posted about 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Routine Start

    Patrick was never fond of beginnings, empty things that only beg to be fed, giving nothing back until they die of surfeit. Easy enough, except beginnings are finicky, rejecting anything but the better morsels, draining one’s soul until they are s...

    • Author: Algorithm
    • Posted almost 10 years ago.
  • 365 Days of Books

    It started off as a New Year resolution. The idea, not mine of course, though I would love to have taken credit for it. “Don’t wear white socks all year,”I suggested. “It’s been done,” Robin replied. “I give u...

    • Author: Catherine
    • Posted almost 10 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Inside/Outside (Mature)

    She was short, and insane, and her tongue was like a big dark snake in his mouth. She writhed under him, her denim-sheathed legs locked on his back. Each fruitless thrust was met with a groan of lust, or frustration. Or some ill-spawned, guttural child...

    • Author: RicoLaser
    • Posted over 9 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Chronicles Of Millie and Me Chapter 4

    Cuthridge, Victoria, Australia May 8th 1989 The day had finally arrived for the new owners to move into their new home. The family comprised of a mother, father and their 8 year old son named Demetri. A strange thing happened when I passed Demetri in t...

  • Splendid and Sublime

    How could time elapse After we inevitably collapse Into nothing? I ask To get a grasp on the questions I bring And so forth we spring Like a sapling From nothing Feeling Love when it’s touching The skyline above Adapt to blend Cause pretendin&...

    • Author: Tad Winslow
    • Posted about 9 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • A Murder Mystery

    It was cold. I’m sure there were other facts that I should have noticed, but at that moment, all that had ever been or would be was the frigid chill freezing the dew on my lips and the air in my lungs. My entire world had iced over in a single snowy ...

  • Hindsight

    Madeline, a tall, athletic girl, walked home from school one day, seeing her older sister sitting outside a restaurant with a group of friends. She smiled and walked over, as she was greeted with a smile and a hug. The smell of magnolia flower perfume ...

  • Greyscale Arson

    lighted sound breaks at dawn but all around the world is grey midday, the city simmers noise the system is fully functional. rise up – the streets are free fight the counterfeit dignity build your world from oils and canvas and set it alight with...

    • Author: airborne
    • Posted over 7 years ago.