Stories tagged “Breaking up”

  • For A Lady I Know

    My last sentiment Meant merely cents To her high dollar flight And chauffuer caller that night. I feel without when I’m with her— She’s in doubt sniffing drugs as her thoughts wither.

  • Dreamt Moonlight

    Green lush Leaves lean Splayed— just All mussed Up by a gust They flicker, Blossoming bright insight— Where heart rate’s align right, Combine, and climb quicker Alit by a dreamt moonlight My soul grows thicker As I slumber and reme...

  • Falling Out

    Nestled in my lap, dense curls of red, Bouncy spindles of fragrance, Further down, soft white canvas, Her face, Little red vein under left nostril, Peaking behind concealer, Pursed doll lips, Summer eyes like algae at the bottom of a pool, Engulfing, A...

    • Author: Kale Xahn
    • Posted about 8 years ago.