Stories tagged “HSAR”

  • Dark Times

    Robert trudged on through the ashen snow, hugging a tattered cloak around him. Once the cloth had been crimson and gold but time had sucked the color out. In the absence of caretakers, the land had warped. Blight spread in patches, draining life from t...

  • Walking the Perimeter

    Padding footsteps wound between clumps of disturbed earth that had settled into strange mounds, leaving oddly angled trees and partly buried brush. Above, the sky burned like rust on iron, leaving the shadowed landscape crying for light. A pair of mage...

    • Author: Jae
    • Posted over 6 years ago.
  • The Return

    Over the next few days Robert began to notice changes all around him. Warmth loosened Winter’s tyrranical grip, forcing the snow to recede back up the slopes of Kejajo Mountain, leaving behind a thin layer of ash and partially rotted leaves. Trav...

  • Coming Back Home

    She woke up under her cloud of gloom. She wriggled under the weight of gargantuan rocks that she clawed on top of herself weeks earlier. She felt different that day. She found herself floating back to the days of sunshine, and friends, and writing. Her...

  • Notes on a Chest Wound

    I awoke to the dull throbbing of crystalline nanofibers weaving themselves through the hole in my chest. It hurt to move my head, but I looked down and watched their glowing ends poke coyly through tissues to cauterize and pull them back together. The ...

    • Author: Stovohobo
    • Posted about 6 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • We've Been Robbed!

    “We need to take a team to Lorlake!” The Princess burst into the dining room, her hands covered in what seemed to be dust. The ones crowded around the moon-rock table looked at her with confused gazes. “Why? We’re getting ready ...

  • Conflictual Action

    THX rolled his eyes and plopped down at the table, “There you go again, HSAR, rushing off to the adventure.” He propped his black boots on the table and scrutinized the chandelier. A bit sheepishly HSAR adjusted his top hat and brass rimmed...

    • Author: THX 0477
    • Posted over 5 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • The Last Ficly

    I said I wouldn’t cry… When I think back over the times I’ve poured my heart out on this site, I can’t believe I never considered a day when it would be gone. This place has always been more than a few pixels on my laptop screen...

    • Author: Abby (LoA)
    • Posted over 4 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5