Stories tagged “Leadership”

  • On Patrol: A Captain's Assessment

    I watched as the situation unfolded, ready to step in if necessary. If Firus was a truthful about his crew as he was about his history, Banon was a stout chap who served as first mate because he could handle himself in the worst storms, as well as hold...

  • Iconoclasts

    Dean Al French was sweating. He was always sweating. Students called him the Wet Towel. But this was different. This was unhealthy, had to be. If he kept his job he was finally going to use that union insurance, go see a doctor about this sweating thin...

    • Author: RicoLaser
    • Posted almost 8 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • The Best Part of Me (Day 17)

    Apartment-sized chunks of rocks broke from the main continent above us with a groan. I tensed, not there was anything I could really do if they fell on top of us, but exhaled in relief anyway when they fell past us to the earth far below. “Nothin...