Stories tagged “NaFicWriMo”

  • wrenchhead

    Before he was a teenager he was working in his dad’s repair shop. He knew the tools of the trade, and he knew the machines, Ford, Chevy, Dodge. He knew them as well from their workings as he did from behind the wheel. The feel of the cylinders fi...

  • Mother In Law

    “Oh John! It is so good to see you, It is a shame you couldn’t come up last night with Lily and the kids.” The septuagenarian grandmother had the hunched posture of age, but the broad smile of a young woman. Her eyes, however, were di...

  • (4) Family

    Hating my family makes me hate my self. Debating my hatred makes me rate my self. Somehow the rating exonerates my hating. Till leaving the tension exacerbates myself.

  • (3) Purest Hate

    I sit staring at this unsent email, can in hand, tears streaming down my face in hot, steamy abandon. I don’t want to hate him. But he’s always there: tearing me apart, cursing me, hurting me with his lies and his venom. Blood drips from my...

  • (2) Heat of the Moment

    I can’t do it. A tear slips unbidden from the corner of my eye, falling, slowly, hot down to drop on my lips. I can’t do it. The words blur on the page before me. Trigonometry is beyond me. I can’t remember. I can’t think. I can...

  • (1) I Believe in Perfect Encounters

    I’m walking home when the clouds open up and rain falls down in sheets of icy cold, soaking through my sun dress. I flinch, then sigh and press the already soaking wet hair off my face. I still have an hour to go in this God forsaken downpoor. So...

  • Condensation

    It was cold and wet so there weren’t many who ventured out that morning. The station was all but barren, apart from the ruddy looking young man in loose fitting jeans and an unbuttoned long-sleeve flannel jacket. He filled two one-gallon gas cans, tu...

    • Author: BiC
    • Posted over 6 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • McFly

    Grey skies greeted him as he walked out the door. Cautiously, like floating in the vacuum of outer space, he pulled himself along the sidewalk, stopping suddenly, bumping his car. The couple next door loaded their little ones into their minivan. They s...

    • Author: BiC
    • Posted over 6 years ago.
  • 32 (Mature)

    What kind of world do we live in Where diplomacy comes before justice And the murder of children is classified as a statistic before a crime? And I don’t care if you’re a government. A soldier or a politician. A criminal, A father, a brothe...

    • Author: Abby (LoA)
    • Posted over 6 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5