Stories tagged “POETRY”

  • Beauty

    Love blossoms Petal soft Rose lips

    • Author: Tad Winslow
    • Posted over 7 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • IT's (Not by Stephen King)

    It guffaws from the thick forestry Hillside adjacent To where we are Laughing its deep lament of poetry (Meanwhile, the moons of Jupiter languish on a star) We can’t be complacent! It saw fear in our stare It smells flesh in our scent Like our ...

  • Today

    Today— Make sure You take your Stature in nature And set something Solid in said cement. Trace and imprint love And tell her it never went.

  • FOR:________

    A recluse bloats with bruises Above the note he left on the floor. He chose to choke the excuses of why he couldn’t cope, And address the letter to loneliness— the front reads, FOR: _____ Scrawled on the envelope With nothing written inside. Th...

  • Children

    Be care free Sweet pea. Complete My insanity And marry me. Let’s start a family Of chaos and calamity— Little walking sins With molten eyes And double chins. Like the “Lord of the Flies” Add children and all hell begins.

  • Time Travelers

    We are all Time Travelers, Though not to the naked eye. Forward we go Be it ever-so-slow The past we may draw quickly nigh.

  • Pun Poem Just For Fun Poem

    Be great. lyrically lacerate. Fully incapacitate hate With all of love’s hug weight (And love is a big sassy black woman).

    • Author: Tad Winslow
    • Posted over 7 years ago.
    • 3 out of 5
  • Entranced

    Your eyes. Beautiful. Captivating. So delicious. -————

    • Author: Jim Stitzel
    • Posted over 7 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Complete

    Left: your leg. Right: mine. Completion.

  • Lovers love.

    my body stone cold my heart has stopped oh just to old I’m not like the young lovers. I’ve got many broken feelings for others. a man of my old age. has many stories on his page. I was in the same room. as her body fell as lifeless as...

  • Frog Eyed Dog Drool

    Humous hath nary The rage of an old english mans dragon breath. Nor can it contend with the Garlic wench’s malodorous halitosis. And a seemingly dreary summer cloud does drip Autumn purple from the sky. Seasons change Blurring, banishing, surging...

  • Solar Campfire

    Stoke the fire Make it burn There’s so much more to learn. Toss the soil into motion add some air plants and ocean Other orbs large and small rock or gas cover them all A final flourish life and sky Five billion years Before it dies A Solar Campf...

    • Author: Tesseract
    • Posted over 7 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Entrechat

    Encounter → Entice → Enchant → Embrace → Engage → Endure

  • Gradual

    Feel wool Heal realities Breeze cool fantasies Gradual, gra-du-al, please, Slow down, ground, sound groan Sound, groan, now know, know now How prone to destruction are our bones Our home, our chrome vests, protective roam Zone, roam, zone, that which w...

  • F E E L S O M E T H I N G

    F laws E verlast E ven past L ove’s laws S aunter O ver M errily, E arly for more T herapy— H ope I s N ot G oing to come, however.

    • Author: Tad Winslow
    • Posted over 7 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Collective Bone

    Language Is the expulsion The power of a thought Is its primal place of propulsion… That is To say it’s All its own— Housed within Our collective bone

  • Daybreak on the Other Side of Infinity

    Stories are told Older than old Of the flame which once burnt in the sky Nightfolk are we in darkness we see All that we need to survive. Some strangers have come to our permanent glum Proposing to re-light our sun But we’ve come so far without a...

    • Author: Tesseract
    • Posted over 7 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Seems To Be Circular To Me

    D elicate A fterlives W elcome the N ewly restored womb. B looming R ecycled I nstances G rowing forth from the H orizon’s distances, T ime towers, E nveloping N aturally like the S easons are slowly sloping. D aunting U niverse— S uch a...

  • RealiTEASE (Not Really Real)

    A cotton mouth cobra’s bite Looks fluffy white Like the inside peel of an orange Both may also float in these Breeze thrown realities If you will, or please. I hope you can see me clearly Now deary— I’m near in heart But merely Lik...

  • Anathemous

    Noone knows my name, but they all know what I do. I am here to take the blame of all those souls in view. From birth I was groomed to take this nameless role The village no longer doomed to demise by angry troll The curses of life transferred insult a...

  • spring - a haiku

    Cherry blossom falls, On wings of spring, Like feathered wings of Angels.

  • A short poem

    The birds may sing, the horses neigh, And dogs may bark and yap. The sheep, they bleat and cats may purr Whilst sitting in your lap. And though we all communicate, If cat, or dog, or bird, I have no need to speak and shout – I have the written w...

  • thoughts

    Lightning, Flickers in conciousness, Fleeting glimpse, Of spirits gliding, On wings of joy.

  • memories

    Swim through reedy waters, Sunlight fragments, Like searchlights illuminating the depths, Fish momentarily flash like coins, Tumbling forever into the dark.

  • angel

    Flying under bruised skies, Surrounded, By wings of light, Only I can see, Leaving vapour trails of gold.