Stories tagged “afterlife”

  • The Observer

    I watch the paramedics work. They’re trying so hard. I can’t see who they’re working on, but they’re determined. I try to recall what happened. Everything flashes by in a blur. The party. Taking the keys from Tom. Driving him home. We started a...

  • fly

    Tears ran down her face as the last of the sun’s rays crossed the skies, kissing them and making it seem like she was crying tears of blood. She opened her eyes one last time to the beautiful scene that was laid before her. This was it, it would be o...

  • Death Goes to the Public County Office. (Bangsian Challange)

    “I’m here to register for a passport.” A skeleton hand drops an ID onto the clerks counter. “Name?” “Death Necropol O’brian.” “Occupation?” “Killing things, mostly.” “What?&#...

    • Author: DirtMap
    • Posted over 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • The Last Thing on My Mind

    I changed the selection on my iPod, lifting it from where it sat near the gearshift and glancing down periodically to make sure I was getting the right album. I needed something soothing. It had been a long day. Now I was driving home, exhausted. Perha...

  • Paradise Abides

    The Divinity uttered the command upon Judgment Day, and at His unopposable word rose everyone, every single thing that had ever lived on Earth that could have been called a sentient humanoid. The Divinity looked upon the great brown sea of people with ...

    • Author: JJA
    • Posted over 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Eternal Damnation (Mature)

    This was it, this was the book that was going to make me famous! Christopher Hitchens had done a blurb for the cover: “The most compelling argument yet against the existence of God.” No more preaching to the choir (of atheists… ha!), ...

    • Author: Aurelia
    • Posted over 10 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Did Anyone Bring a Map?

    “So, did you bring instructions?” “Instructions, you know, what you should do when we get wherever we’re all walking.” “Well, I was just supposed to believe, I suppose. Y’know, faith and all.” “Real...

    • Author: Amanuensis
    • Posted over 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Normal or Afterlife

    “I must..have” he whimpered before losing consciousness completely. A tickle on his forehead roused Lee, though he was not ready to open his eyes. He assumed that he must be dead; surely nobody could survive a gunshot at point blank rang...

    • Author: jimmytee
    • Posted over 10 years ago.
  • Please move along... (Mature)

    The desk clerk looked up at him with serious eyes, pen poised over a blank page in the logbook. “Name?” “I’m sorry?” “Your name, sir?” “Don’t you know? Know everything? I mean, if I am where I think...

    • Author: Hunter
    • Posted over 10 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • The Afterlife

    For myself, I am grateful that God is merciful, and for my enemies, I am thankful that God is just.

  • Afterlife II

    They say that mercy is not getting what you do deserve, and grace is getting what you don’t deserve. God has been both merciful and gracious to me.

  • The First Time I Saw Her

    The first time I saw her was the day she jumped. She was beautiful. My age. A couple of years younger, maybe, but not long out of high school. Her long, black hair, almost like a cape down her back. Long enough and heavy enough that the wind barely mov...

  • City of Souls

    It was a world between worlds. You really can’t call it heaven, and it definitely isn’t hell. It’s not a dream, yet it it’s not quite real either. The city of souls, Salamenca. The city is unlike one on Earth, so let me do my be...

  • Storm Before The Calm

    The day her mother came back from Algeria to reconcile with Bob, her father, Carina was only 18 year-old. Bob wasn’t at home during the monsoon time when the coconut flowers spiraled down the sand, laying around the bench where Carina used to tak...

  • Divine Doorway

    I glimpse through the key hole Of heavens door, Waiting, Watching time’s architecture Creating My life’s touch and texture.

  • A Purpose-Driven Afterlife

    I’m not sure how I got here, or what I’m supposed to do. That was also true when I was alive, but this time I get the distinct impression there really is a purpose. Or there was. I’ve asked around, but none of the veteran demons have ...

  • Perchance to Dream

    It’s not like you think, death. There is no white light, no judgement, no reward or punishment. The candle is snuffed and then nothing. Darkness as one might expect with all these lights being extinguished. I suppose nothing is not right, nowhere...

  • Highest Heights

    What is existence without drama? That’s why, even in this place, traversing the dangerous unknown is necessary. I’ve gathered my closest friends, old acquaintances, and even strangers. We are setting sail on an empyrean ocean of our own des...

  • Deepest Depths (Mature)

    I am forgotten, down here. There’s only this square room; white tiles and a black band high on the wall. All because I would not bow. I can’t feel any entity from here to infinity. Then who am I talking to? We I feel hatred and fear pulsing...

  • Nightfall

    The Friend beckoned, and I followed. I walked behind it, marveling at the silence of every step. The air smelled of cinnamon and pine needles, with a dash of something warm and indescribable; the scent of my childhood home, lost long ago. This silent, ...

  • Awakening

    As I lay in the blood stained catacombs of my mind, I entered a state of sheer peacefulness. I felt alone; my once thriving world had been silenced by a simple ‘mishap’. But despite my pain I found happiness amongst this desolation. Where? ...

    • Author: Seb Feast
    • Posted over 9 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Everyone Does

    The dead keep coming. They are always coming. The fence keeps them back, keeps me safe. But they keep coming anyways. Endlessly, relentlessly. They died but still keep on walking. They never stop. But I am safe from them. The dead keep coming. The dead...

  • Yes is the Answer

    I am happy here. Life is perfect for me. I have no wants. No desire is left unfulfilled. My thirst is always quenched, my hunger always quickly stopped. I never want to leave. Will it last? I had to die to get here. It was a tough life, but I lived it ...

  • A Most Peculiar Factory

    “So, these are where the new ones come in?” asked St. Patrick. He still wasn’t used to the “saint” part. “Yup, things pretty much run themselves here, " said St. Frank. “Next, we’ll go over to Acclim...

  • Faith

    “This isn’t fair! A choice between… this… and death is no choice at all!” I screamed at her. “If you didn’t want this, your body would have rejected the change,” she replied. “Yeah, and rapists tell...

    • Author: JayDee
    • Posted almost 9 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5