Stories tagged “bathysphere”

  • Abstract Captain Byssus Heptad

    Oooo, out of the ether plunged the metaphysical buccaneer on a shell tide of metaphors. Many of them failed him, mixing themselves on the surge of chuckling similes, and sent his spectacular tentacular one being bathysphere washing upon the quaquaversa...

    • Author: zxvasdf
    • Posted over 8 years ago.
  • This couldn't possibly be a bad idea

    Suspended tenderly as a raindrop on the end of thread, swaying side to side in the inky blue and crushing emptiness around it. A tender collaboration of steel, brass and a pupil of glass out of which glances a serious entity hinting at childish glee. A...

    • Author: Brahe
    • Posted over 7 years ago.