Stories tagged “cat”

  • Jealousy leads to Hatred

    This school was too low for me. Everyone was below me in some way. And it seemed the only way they could express their jealousy was by making fun of me. I merely ignored all the kids making fun of me from the buses as they drove by me, who was walking ...

  • Victim of Hurt

    I stared sadly at the decrepit remains that laid on the table of the neighbor’s cat. They’d probably come around soon to everyone’s homes, asking where Fluffy went. Little would they know that he was still around, just in the basement...

  • Ever have that feeling?

    Sarah and Nick showed up a few minutes after Megan and Bri. We made some popcorn and sat in my basement watching horror flicks all night. Well it was more laughing at horror flicks all night. We were in the middle of a really bad one when the doorbell ...

    • Author: Violet
    • Posted over 10 years ago.
  • Catastrophe

    With thundering paws I traverse my kingdom in the merest of moments. Front door to back. Back door to front. The humans tremble and chatter at the mighty wind of My passing! The front door is open! The wire-screen stair awaits My conquer! Up, up, UP I ...

    • Author: Petros
    • Posted over 10 years ago.
  • Surprise!

    Jared. A complete idiot. A complete asshole. And Cate’s completley wrapped around his finger. Just another reason for me to hate him. I glared towards him through the window of Cate’s basement even though I knew no one could see it. But the...

  • Waking Up

    Yawwwwwn I open my eyes, excpecting to be in my comfy, plush bed with the pillows all around me and my cat snuggling next to me… But alas, there is sand in my pajama shorts and in my hair. I have dried seaweed stuck to my legs and arms. I see my ...

  • Baptize Me in that Flea Bath (Mature)

    “He has fleas!” The clerk muses as he inspects my cat. No shit, Sherlock, I just told you that. “Yeah, can he get like a flea bath or something?” I ask, scratching myself at the mention of fleas. “Yeah sure, we do grooming...

  • feline features

    You see, that’s the trouble when you go nightclubbing and hook up with some cool cat.

  • From the Canary's Point of View (Mature)

    I was too confused to say anything as she started to shove me inside. This isn’t even possible! She’s the same size I am! But I couldn’t deny the reality of the raspy tongue rubbing at my body, the hot, slick muscles that contracted a...

  • Cat Food (Mature)

    “I was going to be sacked, so you ate me?!” I exclaimed, baffled. “Exactly,” she purred. “One of the little perks of being a neko, some of us can swallow people whole. Really gives a whole new meaning to fresh food when yo...

    • Author: Firefox
    • Posted almost 11 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Going Out for Dessert

    And then…I was nowhere. Or somewhere. I don’t know where. I was just…drifting. Was this the afterlife, this drifting nothingness? Who was going to take care of my sister? “Your sister?” It was Nadia’s voice from all around m...

  • Installing a Snow Leopard

    “Because he’s my brother and, hence, clueless,” Tara said, appearing before us with her arms crossed. She reached out to caress Nadia under the chin. “But you know, you’re right. I think I would like to get ‘under yo...

  • Cat on the Case

    I poured another drink to steady my paw as I looked out over the city. Ah, the city, she’s like an old house: as full of character as she is cracks and holes for hiding lowlife scum. And me, well I was just another fool Tom who thinks he can make...

    • Author: THX 0477
    • Posted almost 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Enter Mrs. Detective

    The only thing that smells worse than wet dog is dead dog. I’d meant to wound the big idiot, but I’d also meant to not get pummeled. Priorities have a funny way of falling into place. “Thomas!” came the shrill call, preceding th...

    • Author: THX 0477
    • Posted almost 10 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • From The Slippers To The Sidewalk

    Hello world, I don’t feel like being judged today. That’s okay, you go ahead, I’m used to it. Yes, I slept late. No, I didn’t make any money. But I eradicated disease and brought light to the world! The cat was sicker than I rea...

    • Author: Rain Iven
    • Posted almost 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Warm and Cuddly

    There’s just something about a cat. Yes, they’re sometimes fickle and standoffish, but usually they’re loyal, comforting, and loving. At least that’s the way my cat, Jack, behaved. He was my best friend, the one who kept me warm...

  • So Long Jinx! Hello PetsMart®!

    Thank God Sarah bit the cat! It had started becoming a real nuisance. We had spent too many sleepless days due to its constant meowing, and, at night, when we came near, Jinx would hiss. What was a Christian-Orthodox family of zombies to do with a livi...

  • The Lost Summer

    The next few months were a blur of denial, hair-brained attempts to put things right, and a few too many inebriated nights. I always think of that time as my lost summer. Since then I’ve refound those months, a few times actually, but that second...

    • Author: THX 0477
    • Posted over 9 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Forgotten

    The house was secure. The front and rear doors were barricaded inside and out. Plywood covered the windows inside. I was stacking up the remaining materials near the rear door when I heard the sound of a plastic flap hitting a threshold. We had forgott...

    • Author: Chrys W
    • Posted over 9 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • The Persian Cat

    My ears perked as I heard the ringing of a bell. Lunch time. I went into the kitchen, and there was my goof of an owner. My owner was a ballon that I was itching to pop. I was surprised that she didn’t get stuck in the door. “Fluffy. ItR...

  • Pork Chop The Dog And Mrs. Cat

    Pork Chop the Dog rules our house. He weighs 13 pounds and most of that is attitude. He is all bark and no bite; in fact, he barks at everything. Oddly, when Mrs. Cat showed up for the first time, Pork Chop was silent. None of his staccato barking, no ...

    • Author: Bob Liddil
    • Posted over 9 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • A Crazy Cat Story

    I threw a mouse in a cats mouth with fastball velocity. Blurring the fur. Streaking the tiny breathing morsel of meat directly into the esophagus of the cat. The cat stammered back shifting erratically and suffocated. The mouse squirmed and scraped, cl...

  • Modern Crazy Cat Lady

    I awoke from my slumber. My cellular device convulsed wildly atop the granite counter. It purred and hummed, flopping like a dying fish on an ivory dock. A message this late at night? The spasmodic dance continued briefly, then dissolved into an incess...

    • Author: Kihd
    • Posted over 8 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Men Don't Know the Sex of Cats

    A limp greyish mound, lay draped over a ditch’s frozen lip. Painful golden eyes tracked me as I rode by. My pony, Buttons, lowered her muzzle and blew a steaming kiss over the Blue cat. It twitched. I gently placed it in my paper-route sack and l...

  • Killer Instincts.

    The cat meowed repeatedly, over and over again. It was cute, but only at first. Its eyes were dilated, its expression frantic. “What do you want?!” I asked, with the full knowledge that it couldn’t understand a word I said. “Mee...

    • Author: meep
    • Posted almost 8 years ago.