Stories tagged “diamonds”

  • Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes (Mature)

    I can’t feel a damn thing. My hands drag down walls, bodies and doors. And there’s nothing. The air is heavily scented and too thick to cut through. I step into the small washroom and try to fill my lungs. The colors are wrong, but the colo...

    • Author: Lillie
    • Posted over 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Diamonds and Rust

    Diamonds are forever, but rust is like a a cold sore — a contagious blister. Diamonds are beautiful, eternal, unbreakable. Rust is ugly, brittle, fleeting… Dad was the diamond and Mom was freaking rust, alright! Damn you! They both had thei...

  • In and Out: The Shifting

    “Dissapointing? Why?” I asked frowning the brow “That, Verdie, is the question that all of us make every day. It is dissapointing because never get direct answers, because they are… you know those wallpapers filled with diamond ...